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The quality of sleep that you can get can be determined by the type of bed you use. Doctors recommend 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night to have a healthy and active life. But some people experience sleepless nights even though they are very healthy and follow regular sleep timings. This might be due to the poor quality of bed that they use which can make them uncomfortable and stay awake for long hours at night. If you are a person facing such difficulties, then try changing your old bed and buying a new ottoman bed.

Ottoman beds and divan beds are the popularly used storage beds. People might have known these beds only as storage furniture, but another interesting fact is that they are very cozy beds for a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep. The ottoman storage beds and divan beds are designed meticulously to give extra support and comfort for people. Divan bed mattress usually come as sprung and non-sprung based on the type of fillings used. Sprung divan beds have fillings made of coils or springs which make it firm and long lasting. Non-sprung divan mattresses are filled with different materials such as latex, air and water. People can choose the right type of divan bed depending on comfort, firmness and durability.

Apart from comfort and durability, divan base also serve as multi-purpose beds. Normal beds are designed in such a way that it can be used only in the bedroom. But did you know that divan beds can also be used as living room furniture? The elegant design of divan beds gives the advantage of using it as a sofa or daytime bed. Many homes use it as a couch during daytime and as a bed during night. Hence by spending for one divan bed you can save the money required for buying a couch for your living room. Living room, guest room and kid’s room are some of the places where a divan bed can find its practical usage.

Divan and ottoman storage beds are some of the highly demanded and fast selling bed types. Hence these storage beds can be found at many furniture showrooms. One of the most popular online furniture showrooms where you can find attractive, excellent quality and cheapest divan beds and cheap ottoman beds is Divan Beds Centre. Divan Centre is also famous for selling bed bases only which can be attached to existing bed if you need only the storage compartment. They also provide free home delivery for customers residing in UK mainland.