Essential Tools & Tricks to Build Your Perfect Garden Retreat

A garden retreat is one of the most popular do-it-yourself activities to turn a house into a home. Such a location will provide hours of enjoyment alongside bespoke aesthetic beauty for the entire family. We will therefore look at such topics as the types of retreats, the most relevant carpentry techniques and the best tools to accomplish these tasks. Constructing one of these stunning locations is indeed much easier than you may have thought.

Three Stunning Types of Garden Retreats

Decking is perhaps the most common style that is employed within the garden. Comprised of materials such as wood or artificial wood polymer, decks are easy to maintain and can be used for gatherings, dining or simply enjoying the sun during the summer months.

Garden Retreat

Garden Retreat

A gazebo is an outdoor enclosure that is often circular or hexagonal. Offering welcome shade from the sun, gazebos will frequently contain benches or even a central table. They can be constructed from wood and some are enclosed to protect against the elements.

A pergola can add an eastern appearance to a garden retreat. It is comprised of a walkway or seating area which is shaded from the sun with the use of horizontal slats of wood atop vertical posts. This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the open air and yet still wish to achieve a certain level of protection from solar rays. Vines and plants can also be hung from the rafters.

Three Essential Carpentry Techniques

It is quite common for a deck board to become bowed from excess moisture. In this case, the board should be removed and its curve should face towards the ground. Beginning at one end, firmly nail the plank in place. It should naturally straighten out as the nails approach the other end.

Notching a board accurately is another task to understand. First, place the edge of the board firmly against the side of the post in question. Using a combination square, mark the intended location of the post. Be certain to make sure that the depth on either side is equal. After all marks are made, employ a jigsaw and remove the excess wood.

Garden Design

Garden Design

Hanging strong stair stringers is final worthwhile skill. Initially, the stringer should be cut as it normally would be. However, leave it longer on top. Then, cut approximately one and a half inches off of the uppermost stringer (to accommodate the rim joist). The remaining stringers will then be cut and butted against the second joist (and so on).

Three Essential Tools

An air compressor will save a great deal of time when securing joists, stringers and planks together. However, this compressor is also ideally suited when coating surfaces with water-based paints or stains.

A jigsaw is another incredibly useful tool to have. This arises from the fact that its blade can handle numerous different angles. Some are handheld and others are set within a secure surface. Either way, these instruments can handle extremely tight cuts with unsurpassed accuracy.

A spirit level is essential when building any type of garden retreat. As alcohols have a lower viscosity than water, these levels will provide much more accurate readings. Without the use of a spirit level, it would be nearly impossible to obtain true readings in terms of flat and angular accuracy.