Entering the World of Interior Design: 2015 Trends

Hiring an interior designer is often a good idea when planning to redecorate a home or a commercial space. But as good as it sounds, before signing a contract, you need to know what is in this year regarding interior design trends.

Choosing amongst materials

This year, people showed interest in re-connecting with the earth. On one hand, they returned to natural materials such as marble, wood, brass, glass and stone. On the other hand, designers started focusing on sustainable materials.

We can easily notice the intense craving of Interior Design UAE experts for simplicity and minimalist look. To achieve that, designers resort to man-made materials. Concrete and acrylic are much appreciated materials that provide a luxurious look to indoor spaces.

Interior Design Trends

Interior Design Trends

Speaking about spaces, let’s talk about glass. Clear glass is out, making room for smoky windows that add mystery to typical living spaces. Actually, this principle is applied to most surfaces. So matter surfaces replaced the high gloss and crystal-decked ones.

Where luxury is concerned, there is another material that has become very trendy lately: lace. Lace has become very popular, but not as a decoration component for curtains or furniture. Designers began to use lace at a large scale to give a dream-like look to wall, ceilings and even bathrooms.

Let there be light

Light is a huge aspect when tackling with interior design. Other than illumination purposes, light serves to create a dramatic look to enclosed spaces. Also, appropriate lighting is what gives a room the warm (or cold) feel. That may be the reason why Interior Fit Out Companies do their best to work with natural light as much as possible. Therefore, large windows that stretch from the floor towards the ceiling replaced old fashioned small windows.

Artificial light is another aspect Interior Fit Out Companies mention when taking care of indoor spaces. Notice how LED lighting is slowly replacing traditional lighting. LED lighting is not present just in light fixtures. The new interior design trend regarding lighting involves a combination between wooden structures and LEDs. In other words, LED lighting is incorporated into furniture.

Pretty Home Lighting Design

Pretty Home Lighting Design

LED lighting is a viable solution as the lights are controlled by home automation systems such as domotics. The lighting system is such a good idea because it works based on a motion-detection mechanisms king them cost-efficient. Costs are further reduced, as LED lights imply easier electrical installation and require less man power.

LED lights are not only incorporated in furniture. They can also be placed to illuminate the entire room using resistant fine cuts into the ceiling. LED lighting helps designers make a statement about their style, while giving the space either a professional or cozy feel.

Browsing around for colors

Beiges and browns are so last year, according to the most renowned designers. This year’s spot light falls on the faded color Marsala and berry like shades for decorating enclosed spaces and painting interior walls. What you need to know is that Marsala goes well with green, grey or light pink.

Creative Interior Livingroom

Creative Interior Livingroom

Another opinion states that designers are also attracted to the navy blue color family as a perfect option to mix with white marble or pearl. Whether it’s pink, cream, gray or coral, all of these colors can be combined to achieve a classy appearance.

Even if most designers decided to give up on browns, some decided to go against the flow and combine walnut wood with mustard shades for a deep and warm contrast. This seems to suit the needs of customers that are still attached to vintage looking rooms without making compromises regarding tastefulness.

Living in open space

Say goodbye to separate rooms, as the latest trend in Interior Design UAE promotes open spaces. Watch how walls are taken down to ensure more living space to the inhabitants. Even though this came as an idea for those with little space, combining rooms with different functions and turning them into a unique open space seems to be a booming idea.

Interior Design Ideas For Living Room

Interior Design Ideas For Living Room

Having this in mind, home owners decided to tear down their studies and combine them with their living rooms, in order to use the available space in a more efficient way. This way, homes gained a simpler and more original look as space is assigned differently according to the needs of customers.

Patterns, textures and more

Patterns and textures attract more and more adepts. For instance let’s take the geologist pattern. More and more interior designers use patterns that imitate different types of rocks to give an interesting look to construction elements such as walls. The point of this is to stress the imperfections of earthly surfaces and adapt them to modern living.

Herringbone patterns are very fashionable when it comes to floors. Combinations of rectangle shaped tiles are places in such a way to resemble the bone structure of a fish while providing floors with a modern feel. These were in several years ago and it seems the idea came back to life recently. Originality has reached another level, as ordinary tiles were replaced with colorful concrete tiles.

Home Interior Design Ideas

Home Interior Design Ideas

Patterns are not solely used to design floors. Zigzags or chevron prints help pillows and furniture look stylish while combining the old with the contemporary. So, modern furniture includes items with organic shape printed upholstery and marble surfaces. Some designers go for a subtle approach and recommend customers to invest in fabric-backed wallpaper that resembles to silk and limestone.

This concludes our overview about interior design trends. Even if we know that some trends cannot be applied exactly from one country to another, it is a good idea to know about the general view of the aspect. Of course everything comes down to personal taste.

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