Electrical Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Most of us probably don’t realize just how much we rely on electricity in our daily lives. From work to play, much of what we do in the run of a day would be a very different task if it weren’t for the power of electricity. Electricity is something to which most of us don’t give much thought, but there are a few safety tips every homeowner needs to know in order to keep their families safe.

Electrical Appliances

Electrical Appliances

Inspect your home annually

Once a year, it’s imperative to give your home a safety checkup. Be sure that your home’s electrical system can handle the demand of all of your appliances, lights, etc. If your home is older, it may be struggling to keep up as you add more and more demand on the circuits. These annual checkups will help to stay on top of whether your home’s electrical system continues to keep pace with the demand your family has been placing on it.

Decode your electrical panel

You should know what to look for when it comes to problems with your electrical panels. Certain older brands of electrical panels may pose hazards such as fire and shorts. Know what to look for to ensure your panel is safe. If you notice that the panel is hot when you touch it, call an electrician.

Know how to handle tripped breakers

When a breaker trips, it’s usually a warning sign that you are overloading the circuit. If that happens frequently, it might be a good idea to either move around your appliances to alleviate the load on each circuit or to call in an electrician to add more capacity to your system so the breakers don’t trip when you use your appliances.

Electrical Fire

Electrical Fire

Keep fire extinguishers in stock

If you have an electrical fire in your home, the only way to put it out is to use a specially designed fire-retardant chemical fire extinguisher. Never, ever, spray or dump water onto an electrical fire, as water is a conductor of electricity. Ensure that there are fire extinguishers on every level of your home and that every member of your family knows how to use them. Remember that fire extinguishers have expiry dates. Always ensure yours are up to date.

Give your outlets the cold shoulder

If any of your home’s outlets feel warm to the touch, replace them ASAP. A warm outlet could be an indicated of a serious problem, from melted to loose wiring and more.

Shed some light

If you notice that your lights frequently flicker, particularly when you start up an appliance, you could be overloading the system. Have an electrician come in to ensure there are no safety issues here, and to do some reconfiguring if you are in danger of having an unsafe situation.

When it comes to electricity, there are many different problems that can arise. Electrical work is, by its very nature, dangerous. It’s important for homeowners to have a basic understanding of how their home’s electrical system works and what to look for in terms of warning signs, but if problems do a arise, it’s always best to call an electrician in Glendale CA to fix the issue.