Economic Benefits of Hiring Refurbishing Firms

There are no two opinions that significant savings come over by refurbishing buildings. It takes an average 6 months for a comprehensive refurbishment. The ability to deliver quickly is the key to a refurbishment project’s success. It must be good news for owners of old buildings to have a chance of enjoying a new lease of life.

With sustainability and recycling high on the official agenda, demolishing a building or starting all over gain depends on a judicious choice about the quality of the building. In deciding the merit of the building, the fabric alone must not be a factor.

Decoration with Modern Furniture

Decoration with Modern Furniture


The planning of refurbishment of commercial property hinges on many parameters. They include,

Location: The property must be in a desirable location. It will be a waste of time if the efforts are not bearing the results if the location is wrong. The location factor applies not only to any town or city but also to the building’s surrounding areas.

Market Scene: If the location is fine then the demand for the existing stock and other constructions must be known to ascertain the profile and the typical intake in the market. For that do check the contracts, lease breaks and overall economic prosperity in the area.

Obsolescence level: The amount of work in upgrading a building to modern standards in terms of energy performance, layout of floor plates has to be assessed. Adding ambulant toilet provision in old buildings will cut the net floor area considerably.

House Renovattion

House Renovattion

Structure: Ultimately it is the structure that matters. Regardless of the location and supply, if the property has a limited floor to ceiling height and is less than 2.8 meters then it impinges on the end product. The building must be converted to a residential one after taking development rights.


Is the building in question is in a conservation zone or is it listed also matters. In either case, the work will be limited and face many local objections. For retailers like coffee shops and grocery markets location can be a concern.

Conversion: Through refurbishing it is easy to change a building’s function as technology has improved. Otherwise it will remain economically unviable as a fossil of the past. We know how decrepit mills have been converted into swank offices; windmills into residences and cinemas to malls and snooker halls. It means, when we are in the age of heightened environmental awareness a little imagination can bring about lot of positive changes.

House Refurbishment

House Refurbishment

Hire a Company

There are well established refurbishment companies in London offering quality services and excellent customer satisfaction. Companies into refurbishments of residential properties in London offer building maintenance and refurbishment services for all kinds of customers. They have focus on both residential and commercial properties. The rates are negotiable.

The work can also be specific such as house extension, loft conversion, renovate of your house, bathroom, kitchen, living space or office. Property refurbishment services work with qualified plumbers, carpenters, painters and decorators, bricklayers, roofers, electricians, builders, surveyors, architects and Local Authority Controls.

Lynelle Thompson from In:Style Direct is a professional blogger who likes to write about the home refurbishment service. She handles home improvement herself and therefore possesses practical insight and experience about the industry.