Dream Lake House in Nevada

Many people want to spend their time in a house which they always dream for their residence. Lake House in Nevada is one of the dream houses. Lake house is a perfect combination of house with dark on outside and filled with light on inside. This combination makes the house perfect residential building. Lake House was designed by San Francisco-based Mark Dziewulski Architects. All the ideas and sketches which are kept in mind are fabulous and innovative.

Lake House with its five overlapping curved roofs underlines the mountains and lake in a very beautiful manner. Lake House with 8,694 square foot is made out of three main building materials: concrete, steel and glass. It has four bed rooms, four Bathrooms, a library, a guest suite, a gym and a garage also.

One thing that attracts me the most in this lake house is the design of fireplace which disperses heat in all directions. Overall it is a perfect dream house I have ever seen.If you are looking for stylish contemporary yet classic and timeless interior window treatments which not read about shutters and blinds as a cost effective way of updating your home interior.