Double Glazed Windows – Features and Benefits

In the recent years double glazed windows have become the favorite of many home designers. One of the sole reasons is that a double glazed window comes with more benefits than a single glazed window. So, how are double glazed windows made? These windows have two panes of glass. These two panes are separated by layers of gas or air. The reason for such design is the fact that it acts as a barrier against the extreme temperature and harsh climatic conditions. But, single-paned windows are not equipped with such barriers and so they cannot provide protection against such conditions.

Double Glazed Windows

Double Glazed Windows

Features of Double glazed windows

In double glazed windows the glass comes with a special feature, that is, It is a coated surface that helps to prevent heat during the summer season and also re-radiates heat during the winter season. These types of windows are designed with a purpose to withstand extreme climatic and weather conditions. This is the reason why it is widely used in constructing houses and offices.

Several types of glasses can be used for constructing a double glazed window. You can make use of regular glass panes and also decorative glass panes. These types of glass panes commonly consist of superficial metallic coating.

• This coating helps in withstanding extreme temperatures or climatic conditions.
• These glass panes can be availed in various glazes and colors in order to withstand different climatic conditions. For instance, a High-Solar-Gain glass is made for areas that are affected by very cold winters.
• This specific glaze helps in reducing heat loss. The other type of glaze is Moderate-Solar-Gain glass panes which are used in areas which face mild summer and winter seasons.
• The last type of glaze that you will find is Low-Solar-Gain glass; this provides maximum protection against harmful UV rays it suits best for places with extremely hot summers.

The better type of glazed windows

There are glazed windows that have air inserted inside them, but the most preferred is the type of glazed panes that have argon gas inserted into them. These are considered to be the favorite because they act as better insulators. The argon gas does not allow much heat to escape and it even prevents less cold from entering a room, as this gas is extremely dense.

Double Glazed Window Panes

Double Glazed Window Panes

Benefits of glazed windows:

Unlike windows with single panes, window panes with double glaze prevent air from passing out of the room thereby keeping the temperature low during the summer season. In the same way they prevent the hot air from entering the house, during the summer season. This avoids putting an extra load on the air condition system. On the other hand these window panes do not allow heat to pass out of the room, thereby putting fewer loads on the room heating system.

• Helps to conserve energy

It is because of the insulating properties of the double pane windows that help to conserve energy and also resources. Thus, they are considered to be the best glazed windows design for creating the perfect room condition without harming the environment.

• Helps to build safety

These types of windows are not easily breakable. Therefore, it is going to be hard for intruders to break into the house. This is how it can provide security to the house.

• Avoid noise pollution

The thickness of these window panes are much more than single window panes. So, it helps in preventing unnecessary noise to get into the house. This is how it can prevent noise pollution and bring peace and calmness into the house.

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