Doormat With Welcome !!

Door Mat is a part of the first impression when you visit a new place, why the choice of the doormat is not entirely irrelevant. Doormats are usually outside the front door that you should wipe their feet before going further into the dwelling. Door mat can also be placed inside the door, this type of door mats are also known as entrance mats in ordinary speech.

Doormats with fun themes
Funny doormats make a positive first impression, it is plain that the word “welcome” present on the doormats of textiles, but you might as well provide a doormat with messages such as, finally at home or home sweet home. It is also possible to produce fully personalized door mats with pictures of the entire family. This type of door mat should preferably be made of rubber. We must not forget that the door mat exposed to daily physical stress.

Inexpensive doormat
A cheap door mat costs about 50 dollars and is simple, often single-color and no pattern. Ikea latex carpet “Borris” is probably the cheapest in Sweden with a price tag of a mere four dollars. ILVA also offer relatively cheap mats, usually of a higher quality. Other ways to get over a cheap doormat is to buy the doormat by the meter of such Bauhaus. Our tip is to have a handy doormat that in a certain way reflects your personality. The example be fitted with a welcoming text.