Don’t Neglect The Interior Design Of Your Cottage

When you are finished with the outside of your cottage, with its dramatic wood and stone designs, it’s time to take your creativity indoors. You want a space that is comfortable and serves your design and aesthetic needs. There are several elements you want to consider so that you can fully outfit the interior of your cottage.

Choose the Right Furniture

The furniture that you choose is key when designing the interior of your cottage. Comfort is going to be your priority since this is where you come to kick back. Look at furniture with extra stuffing, body contouring and high backs. Think about the positions you find most comfortable and look for furniture that supports them. For example, if you relax best with your feet up, you can look at pieces like a sectional sofa that includes a chaise lounge or for an ottoman to place in front of your oversized living room chair. You can add cushions to wooden seating for added comfort. Make sure that you also have adequate surfaces and shelving for functional and decorative purposes. And most importantly, when buying furniture, search for a professional design company with experience in cottages, like the folks at and ask for their advice before throwing furniture in your cottage willy-nilly.

Interior Design with Right Furniture

Interior Design with Right Furniture

Pick a Whimsical Decorating Theme

There are a number of decorating themes you can use as inspiration for your cottage. You want a lighter theme that is flexible and comfortable. Three very popular design styles for cottages include French country, nautical themes and shabby chic. These can be created using a variety of colors, and are versatile, easily done in either a masculine, feminine, or neutral style, depending on your preferences.

Consider Window Treatments Carefully

Your window treatments are important. They should lend to the overall design scheme and be versatile. For example, you will probably want some privacy at night, but lots of natural light during the day. Your window treatments should be able to provide both of these. You can opt for something like motorized window treatments since these allow you to easily adjust your privacy and how much light comes into your cottage. You use a remote to operate them and can even choose options that allow you to open or close them at a specific time.

Interior Design

Interior Design

Be Prepared to Entertain

Whether you live in a cottage full-time or you have a cottage for weekends away, you surely want to be able to quickly throw together a party. The right decorative and design elements will make entertaining easier. For example, a small bar in your main area makes creating cocktails a breeze. You also want to have plenty of seating, an entertainment system and lighting that you can adjust to set the mood for your party.

You can see that there are many things to think about when it comes to designing the inside of your cottage. Use this information as a springboard for ideas. Once you are ready to start tackling the primary elements, it is time to reach out to professional design companies.