Do you Need Water Extraction for Your Commercial Space?

Water damage can be the result of burst pipes, hurricanes, flooding and a number of other natural disasters. No matter the cause, this can wreak havoc on commercial buildings. Severe cases of commercial water damage can result in the shutdown of office buildings, universities, hospitals, hotels and bring these operations completely to a halt. From the extraction of the water to dehumidification, you need a professional Commercial Water Damage service that gets results.

When it comes to water damage in your commercial space, you cannot trust it to just any service provider. You need a company that has proven results and references of their prior work. If the water is not removed quickly and in the appropriate manner, it can lead to severe structural damage, along with a number of other issues.

Water Removal Service

Water Removal Service

You need to do your homework to locate a turnkey service with the capability to provide your commercial space with the operational continuity to provide efficient and cost effective results, in order to reduce the amount of business interruption that is experienced.

Features to Look for in Commercial Water Removal Services

When you begin to search for a quality water removal service for your commercial space, look for the following features and services:

• Emergency response 24/7
• Quick mobilization of technicians
• Management for catastrophe situations
• Contingency plans
• Deodorization and dehumidification services
• Desiccant drying
• Decontamination and cleaning of HVAC air ducts
• Removal and mediation of mold
• Manipulation and cleaning of content
• Equipment for emergency power generation

Professional Commercial Cleaner

Professional Commercial Cleaner

If you have any of the following situations, you should seek water removal services immediately:

Failures with Plumbing

If there is a plumbing failure, it can result in thousands of gallons of water being released into your commercial space. The malfunctions can be the result of broken or frozen pipes, sprinkler systems that have malfunctioned, loose hoses or other plumbing parts.

Local Flooding

If your area suddenly experiences heavy local flooding, it can cause gutters to become flooded and overflow, creating extensive damage to the structure of the building.

Extended Moisture and Humidity

There are many cases when minor leaks can be hidden from view and overlooked; however, over time this can lead to serious water damage issues that will need attention and repair. Areas such as attics, bathrooms, hallways, ceilings and wall cavities are especially prone to the growth of mold, which could cause rot damage with extended exposure.

You should not take chances when it comes to mold damage. Be sure to visit or contact first call 24/7 to learn more.