DIY Storage Solutions for Your Home Office

A home office is an incredibly important room that needs to be stylish and provide inspiration, as well as being practical and functional. One of the best ways to achieve this is by getting creative and producing your own unique work space. You may be asking “but why go to all of that fuss when I can just go out and buy furniture?!” Well, while there are tons of desks and storage ideas on the market, they can be expensive, often lack a personal touch and they sometimes don’t work in small office spaces.

So, to inject a little of yourself into your home office, invest in some quality electric tools and consider these cheap and cheerful DIY storage solutions.

Home Office Space

Home Office Space

Build a Bookshelf

The majority of people with a home office need space to store books, notepads or large files. Although you can buy a standard bookshelf, these can be bulky and take up valuable floor space. Instead, you could make and put up some unusual wall mounted shelves. Create a tree inspired bookshelf, mount a horizontal pair of wooden ladders, repurpose old pipes and scaffolding, or attach a photo frame to the front of a box shelf.

If you’re trying to create a homework space for your kids, then make shelves from skateboards, or even turn unloved toys into wall hooks.

A Foldaway Office

If you live in a small studio apartment or a shared house, you may be struggling with where to put an office, let alone adequate storage! However, even small spaces can be transformed into beautiful and functional offices. To do this, consider a wall-mounted or foldaway work space. A wardrobe, alcove or cupboard can be the perfect for this – view this example for inspiration. Alternatively, you could adapt a bookshelf with a foldaway work surface, or make a practical interior design statement with an upcycled metal or wooden trunk.

Storage Solutions for Home Office

Storage Solutions for Home Office

Make a Memo Board

Unless you’re a super organised person with loads of diaries and journals, a memo board is a great place to store phone numbers and appointments. Standard bulletin boards are plain and boring, so make something that ties in with your decor. You could hang rows of sturdy wire and decorate oversized wooden pegs, put magnetic chalk board paint to good use, repurpose a vintage bike wheel, or have a go at upholstering. Almost anything can be turned into a memo board, so the possibilities here are endless!

Personalised Pen Holders

For some reason, pens always seem to disappear. To make sure you have a pen to hand when you need to write an important note or take a client’s phone number, make your own stationery holder. Try covering or painting tin cans, drill holes into a tree stump, or fashion a holder using cassette tapes or floppy discs.

If you need storage for little ones, there are so many fun ideas. Make a holder using colourful Lego bricks, or paint their favourite cartoon characters onto cups and jars.