Creating The Perfect Winter Bed

It’s not just cardigans and boots you should be stocking up on now the seasons are turning. Before we know it, autumn will have passed us by, summer will be a distant memory and winter will have arrived. But don’t despair. Instead, create a perfect winter bed and you’ll have yourself a sanctuary.

The perfect frame

One of the most effective ways to update your bedroom is to replace the bed frame; after all, it’s likely your bed will be one of the largest pieces of furniture in the entire room. Pick your material wisely; you’ll want a new frame to last you through any room décor updates you decide to make in the future. Wooden, metal or divan beds, like these from Bedz R Us, are good if décor changes are likely. If you’re confident that you’ll be sticking with your current theme for the lifetime of the bed, leather or upholstered beds are a good choice, especially as you can make them match closely with the rest of the room.

Winter Comforter Bed Luxury Style

Winter Comforter Bed Luxury Style

The perfect mattress

Memory foam, latex, open coil or good old pocket sprung? There are so many options for mattresses, it may be best to speak to an expert and definitely try before you buy! Top your mattress with an electric blanket for especially cold nights, but remember to switch it on a few minutes before bed-time to get that wonderful warm bed feeling!

The perfect duvet

Down is a very desirable material, and for good reason. For example, some premium duvets are filled with Winter Snow goose down. These birds are from the arctic tundras, meaning their down makes for some serious insulation! However, there are a number of artificial copycats on the market that are pretty good. Also remember to consider any allergies you might have before buying your new duvet.

Perfect Bedding

Perfect Bedding

The perfect pillows

Old pillows can be made up of up to 10% dust mines and your own dead skin- a horrible combination to be resting your head upon every night. Most pillows can actually be washed, but if you want to replace them all together, consider which type will suit you best. Memory foam pillows have had a lot of hype in recent years, and for good reason- some report to having far decreased morning neck and back pain as a result of using one.

The perfect bedding

Maybe this is the year to invest in some cashmere. It would be a wise decision; not only do fine cashmere blankets and throws last for years; some also say that they improve with age if cared for correctly. If cashmere is still out of reach for this year, worry not. As the market continues to mature, so do advancements in cozy and comfortable materials for bedding. Teddy bear and fleece are warm alternatives.