Creating a Luxurious Bathroom Space

The bathroom is often a neglected space as it is not at the forefront of the home, but this space in your home can be transformed into a luxurious retreat you can return to everyday to wash away the stresses of your day.

Luxurious Bathroom Design

Luxurious Bathroom Design

Put emphasis on space

Even If you have a small bathroom there are measures you can take that will make your bathroom feel much bigger and much more spacious.

People often find the colour white will make their room feel much bigger due the light reflections, pairing this up with a pop of earthly colour such as pastel green or blue, will encourage relaxation and apply emphasise on a spa type atmosphere.

If you are lucky enough to already have a larger spaced bathroom, experimenting with colour can be exciting.

Many find sticking to pastel colours creates a more natural and calming effect, as it has been proven that bright colours have the effect to stimulate the mind which could hinder the relaxation process.

2015’s Modern Bathroom Trends

2015’s Modern Bathroom Trends

Lose your clutter

Your bathroom is probably a busy place, accommodating varieties of people, so having enough storage space is vital.

De cluttering your bathroom is a step that needs to be taken to ensure it’s as clean and spacious as can be. Have a root through cupboards and draws and takeaway anything that isn’t used regularly.

This will leave you with more spaces you can place the things that you do use and keep them out of sight, creating a minimalist look which is one of 2015’s modern bathroom trends, will ensure you keep your bathroom looking both sophisticated and luxurious.


Accessorising is an easy and effective way to bring personality into your bathroom. With the use of items such as plants, flowers and candles you can recreate an atmosphere that reflects that of a spa, leaving you to feel at peace.

Plants and flowers are ideal to brighten up even the dullest of rooms and recreate a warm and inviting atmosphere that will leave any visitors in awe.

Small Luxury Mathroom

Small Luxury Mathroom

With the use of lilies, lotus plants or orchids, these beautiful flowers and plants will leave your bathroom smelling lovely too. Look into artificial models of the plants which will last longer and will save you money having to replace the flowers every week.

Decide upon a theme that you want your bathroom to follow, the use of wood is a great way to apply emphasise on that earthly and natural atmosphere, whereas stone can induce a more modern bathroom design.

Due to the vast number of people that may use your bathroom, smell could become a problem. With damp towels and humidity, it is time to invest in incense or candles.

The use of candles can encourage calmness, swap the shampoo bottles that are scattered around the outskirts of the bath and replace them with some of your favourite candles, so you can sit and soak in complete relaxation.

With a few simple changes and ideas you are able to easily transform a once hectic, cluttered and cramped bathroom into a luxurious bathroom retreat that both you, your family and your visitors can enjoy.