Create An Incredible Victorian Style Bathroom Suite

Why is it that people neglect their bathrooms? The bathroom should be the heart of your home. It is the room where you relax and unwind after a long day at work. You should be able to enjoy your bathroom, not avoid it. When you are thinking about decorating your bathroom, there are many different styles from which to choose. You will have already looked through decor magazines and found a few ideas that you like. One of the most-popular designs of the moment is a Victorian style suite. Creating a Victorian bathroom suite will make a fantastic addition to your home. Here is a guide to help you plan your brand new bathroom.

White Gothic Victorian Bathroom Idea

White Gothic Victorian Bathroom Idea

Wood, wood, wood

One thing you will notice about all Victorian bathrooms is the interesting use of wood. The Victorians used wood to highlight features in the bathroom. That means that you should use a deep, varnished wood within your bathroom. You can buy raw wood and varnish it yourself or buy ready-varnished pieces. Use wooden boards throughout the bathroom to create storage and definition. You might want to use the boards on the walls or around the bathtub to create an original look.

Stand-alone bathtub

One option for your Victorian style suite is to buy a stand-alone bath. During the Victorian era, the rich would have had stand-alone tubs as the centerpiece of their bathroom. The poor likely washed in small tubs in front of the fire. You should take some inspiration from the rich, and buy an elegant bath as a feature in your room. Make sure you look for pieces that have minor details, such as golden feet for the bath and antique taps.

White Elegant Victorian Bathroom

White Elegant Victorian Bathroom

Vintage wallpaper

Finding the right vintage wallpaper can be tricky. Many Victorian style pieces will boast loud and garish imagery. If your bathroom is small, you should avoid getting any wallpaper that is too over the top. Instead, opt for pieces that have small, delicate designs on them. Obscure imagery, such as these bizarre ostriches will work well. If you are not careful, your wallpaper could dominate the room and make it look tiny.

Vanities and storage

When thinking about bathroom vanity ideas, there are a few rules you should keep in mind. Find a vanity that suits the shape of your room. If everything in your room is feminine, you will want to look for a curved vanity. If everything in your room is square and straight, you should look for a similar vanity. Again, you can incorporate the varnished wood into the vanity. The piece will look stunning and make for extra storage in your bathroom.

Bathroom Exquisitely Victorian Designed

Bathroom Exquisitely Victorian Designed

Marble flooring

It is likely that you can’t afford marble flooring in your home, who can? Instead, choose a marble-style flooring that will suit the theme of your bathroom well. You can buy laminate floors that look just like marble when you fit them. That means that people will mistake your floor for a beautiful marble masterpiece. Make sure that you get a professional to fit your flooring for you. When laminate does not fit, you will find that the entire room looks cheap.

Lamps and lighting

Getting the right lighting to suit your room will complete the look. If you get modern light fixtures in a Victorian style room, it will look wrong. Those fixtures will stand-out and make the room look strange. Many people forget to take notice of these small details when they design a room, but it is small features that make all the difference. Go to an antique dealer and find a piece that suits the look of your bathroom. You can ask the dealer about the era of the piece and get one that is authentically Victorian.