Common Boiler Problems

Most people take their heat and air for granted and just expect the system to work. Too many times, since the systems are taken for granted routine maintenance is ignored until all of a sudden you have no heat in your home. Then you must call in the plumber to repair your boiler. Boiler problems usually never occur during the summer months when you do not need heat but often in the middle of the night when temperatures are very cold. The main reason this happens is that the boiler has been idle for months but now you need it to work hard to heat the home, which places a stain on the heating system. Any part that is worn or in need of repair will of course be the first to go.



The top problems often found with boilers are listed below.

The first sign of a boiler problem is no hot water or no heat. The main reasons for this are broken airlocks, valves, diaphragms, or low water levels or problems with the thermostat.

You may notice the boiler has a leak or just drip. The problem here is hard to know as there are many different places that could have a leak and a plumber will need to locate the origin of the leak to correct the problem.

Strange noises such as gurgling, pounding or even whistling is often due to air in the system. This may be due to low water pressure, kittling (lime buildup), or even pump failure.

The pilot light will not stay lit. The reasons for this could be a draft that is blowing out the light, a broken thermocouple, or there is build up on the pilot light.

Loss of pressure may be due to a leak somewhere in the system or you may have a problem with the relief valve.

Boiler Confusion

Boiler Confusion

A frozen condensate pipe is a huge issue and should not be a repair you take on yourself. Thawing the pipe should be done by an expert to ensure that damage is not caused to the pipe.

The thermostat is another common part that goes out due to wear and tear. You may notice the temperature gauge is not correct or that the thermostat is not coming on or going off when it should.

If your radiator is not getting hot it could be due to corroded pipes that have allowed dirt and debris to build up in the pipes so the hot water cannot flow properly. In most cases, just by flushing the system or cleaning with the proper chemicals the deposits can be removed.

If your boiler keeps turning itself off it may be due to low water level or low water pressure. Other reasons can be the pump is not working correctly to circulate the water, the thermostat is not working properly, or you may have a closed valve.

Contacting Toronto boiler repair with any questions regarding routine maintenance on your boiler is a great idea.