How to Clean and Maintain Canvas Awnings at Your Home

Now, home and business owners can get a better idea to keep canvas awnings clean. When these awnings are to welcome guests or at the shop fronts, they are exposed to external weather conditions every day with the scorching heat or torrential rains. It’s quite common to get weather-worn canvas awnings in just a few weeks. Canvas awnings can be of multiple colors so if they are exposed to sun for a long time, then their colors can fade. In this connection, it will be good to use some simple cleaning solutions to maintain the awnings for a long time.

Canvas Awnings for Home

Canvas Awnings for Home

How to Clean Awnings?

You will get to see these canvas awnings in a multitude of places like homes, corporate houses, shop fronts and even in gardens or patios. When you install them new, people would just get amazed by the appearance but maintaining them is a bit tough if you want them to be looking new forever.

Here are Easy 5 Steps to Clean Canvas Awnings:

1. Use a washer or hose to pre-rinse the awnings at low-pressure, this will easily remove the dust and loose dirt.

2. Make sure to clean both the top and underside of the awnings, while doing it on the underside check carefully if any nest or hives are dwelling there. Use a pressure washer to clean these parts.

3. To avoid streaks, start cleaning from the bottom.

Canvas Awnings Cleaning

Canvas Awnings Cleaning

4. To remove mildews, prefer using a mildew remover. Bleach products can discolor or stain the product; soak the awning with water before you do the spraying.

5. Scrubbing the awnings should be done in circular motions with water and never use mildew spray on dry canvas.

You should be Careful About the Rainy Seasons:

It is always wise to use waterproofing spray, a sealer, and a UV-ray protect ant to keep the canvas awnings protected in long run. While using awnings, make sure to keep it retracted completely, this will help you to avoid small water pools that can get the fabric stretched. During rainy season, you should keep the canvas awnings in dry condition, because water accumulation can lead to the growth of fungus and molds. If you keep the canvas awnings retracted properly, mildew won’t is forming as it would not stay wet for long.

How to Operate Awnings Properly?

Always turn an awning gently, you should never force it and the turning should always be done in one direction. While retraction, you need to turn on the opposite direction. Once the awning has been exposed to windy days or storms, remove all dry leaves, twigs and other debris and then roll up the awning. Be careful not to jam the front bar and keep it tightened to the rolled fabric.

Home Awnings

Home Awnings

• Usually, canvas awnings fabric is water resistant, but at times through the seams water can seep in. First, get it dried and then roll up. Try to buy remote-controlled motorized awnings as they are easy to use.

• The moving parts of a canvas awnings should be lubricated once a year. Try to keep the motor area dry always for extended life. To keep the fabric in perfect shape just rinse once in every six months with cold water, but deep cleansing is needed in every 2 – 3 years.

• The fabric is to rinse it monthly with cold water. If you cannot clean and maintain the canvas awnings at home by using the DIY techniques, then you need to call in the professionals to get the awning cleaned and maintained in the best possible way, since they have their own set of instruments.

Some safe cleansing products for your awning fabric are Turpentine, Greased Lightning, Carbona Stain Devil, Clean Rite Purple Power, Clorox bleach, paint remover, Acetone, and Dawn.