Choosing Heating and Cooling for your Whole Home

Having the right heating and cooling system installed into your home is key for feeling comfortable, all year round. With so many options on the market, however, it can be overwhelming to work out what’s best for you. We break down some popular whole home heating and cooling options on the market today, helping you make a better decision when visiting an expert heating and cooling company to make a purchase.

Hydronic Heating System

Hydronic Heating System


Making the right choice for your heating system is not only key to having a cosy winter, but also to ensure the safety of your family. Gas heating systems, for example, can be dangerous if not installed by the best in the business, with other heating systems potentially posing fire hazards. Here’s our breakdown of some of the heating options available, helping you narrow down what you’d like to get for your home while avoiding shocking energy bills.

#1. Hydronic

Hydronic heating uses water or steam to fuel panel radiators in a cyclical system, and is also used in many in-floor systems. This allows for controlling how much heat you want in each room, which prevents any wastage. However, hydronic heating is expensive to install, with quotes generally starting at around $6000, so it’s worth considering whether the investment is worth it for you.

#2. Ducted Reverse-Cycle Air Conditioning

Using a compressor and ducted outlets in each room, ducted reverse-cycle air conditioning can be a very efficient system to go for. However, installation can be costly, meaning it’s probably more worthwhile if you are building or renovating a house.

Underfloor Heating System

Underfloor Heating System

#3. Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating requires the installation of wiring or pipes into the concrete floor slab, which is then heated. By storing heat and releasing it when needed, underfloor heating is able to be highly efficient. However, because of the extensive installation required, underfloor heating is most suitable when building a new house.

#4. Ducted Gas Central Heating

A gas furnace is installed outside or underfloor with vents in the room you want to heat. Installation costs are high, but overall, ducted gas central heating works better than installing two separate gas space heaters.


Temperatures reach a boiling point during Australian summers, meaning some sort of cooling is absolutely key to having a comfortable and safe summer. Having cooling running the entire day, however, can easily become costly, so we break down some of the most cost-effective solutions to keep you comfortable over summer without breaking the bank.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split System Air Conditioning

#1. Split System Air Conditioning

Split system air conditioners are extremely popular thanks to the fact that they are highly energy efficient and self-cleaning. As they are able to both heat and cool, split system air conditioning is a worthwhile investment to keep you comfortable all year round. For this, you’ll need to get the interior head unit installed as well as an external condensing unit, but after these initial installation costs, split system air conditioning will save you money.

#2. Portable Air Conditioners

If you don’t need to keep the entire house cool or live in a small space alone, portable air conditioners could be the solution for you. Take them to whatever room you require, where they will be able to cool down the whole room.

#3. Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers use water to function, cooling down the room by absorbing heat from its surroundings, and also purifying the air in the meantime. Because of their reliance on water, they work best in low humidity areas. Their lightweight nature and cheap operating cost make them a great option for many homes..

Portable Fan

Portable Fan

#4. Fans

Fans are the classic cooling option, and can be mounted on the wall or come in a portable form. By blowing air around the room or directly at you, it becomes easier to evaporate sweat from your skin.

If living alone or in a home where residents are in and out the entire day, portable fans are an ideal option. If only one room needs cooling, a portable fan can easily be moved and used to cool that particular room. The variety of styles and types available also makes it easy to match with your home décor.

#5. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great option for main living areas, making little noise and providing a whole lot of comfort. A remote allows for easy control and adjustments as you require.

When choosing heating or cooling, the installation costs, efficacy and operating costs are all important things to bear in mind. If you’ve decided which of the above options is best for you, make sure to then seek products and installations from a reputable heating and cooling company to ensure comfort all year round.

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