Casa Acapulco , Double story home located in Guarujá !

Casa Acapulco is a Beautiful Double story home located in Guarujá, Brazil . This home is famous for its layout and and combination of 6 squares which are designed in group of pairs , apart from all these two subtractions were made at opposite ends to form two venues: the garage and playground . On the left side of the house one can easily sit and spend time with family .

On the other side the garage is located where one can park around 10 cars , its a huge space for parking and give you the best example of its construction . There is a swimming pool in side of play ground which is build in such a way that it enhanced the beauty of house , You can see the combination of swimming pool and Home window , both are designed in parallel to maintain symmetry.

I have attached some pictures of this beautiful house , must see how beautiful then living can be !