Capsule Hotel, Amsterdam!

Today I will tell you about two saucers of a bright orange that you can rent for one night. This is the idea of an architect who uses recycled materials and provides a free improvisation with new creations. In this case, he used boxes of survival, 4, 25m in diameter, found on an offshore oil platform to achieve two capsules hotel.

They are moored on the canal in Amsterdam, The Hague. The interior is Spartan. There is a karaoke, chemical toilet, a mini library of travel guides, a storage cabinet revisited, and must, the net of an old fisherman and his sheepskin cover for a bed.

Obviously these beds aren’t going to be the most comfortable in the world. If you have the room, then why not check out the king size bed frames. Obviously not the same experience as these hotel rooms, but comfortable none the less.

If you want to live a few hours to James Bond in “The Spy Who Loved Me 1977” in the authenticity of a box of survival and forget the side certainly comfortable and glamorous, this is for you. Capsules are different in other countries such as these in Japan and more recently these capsules at airports.