Bring a Touch of Autumn to Your Home

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year for colour as trees shed their leaves and chestnuts fall to the ground with them, pumpkins come into harvest in early October ready for Halloween and shortly after we enjoy bonfire night which has colour for obvious reasons. There are many reasons to love autumn and there are also many ways to bring a touch of this wonderful season into your home.

Focus on the Small Things

Accessories are your friend when it comes to making small changes to your interior design; furthermore, they allow you to achieve a lot through these small changes.

Autumn Leaf Ideas

Leaves are usually the first thing you’ll think of when you think of autumn and the name given to the season over in the US “fall” actually originates from an Old English word “faellen” which translates into modern English as “to fall from height”. With that little interesting fact out of the way, how can you use leaves in your home to bring autumn inside?

Well you don’t really have to use actual leaves to bring the autumn feel in; there is a wide range of options open to you, all at your fingertips and available online.

Cushion at John Lewis

Cushion at John Lewis

Rug from the Ella Claire ‘Exclusive’ collection at Frith Rugs

The first thing I think of when I see this rug is autumn leaves, arguably some of the shapes on this rug conspire to create a ‘leafy’ look, but more importantly the colours are spot on for that Autumn feel. As well as looking great these rugs will feel great underfoot, providing a barrier between your feet and your cold hard-wood floor (if you have one).

This beautiful cushion was released as part of a Halloween range at John Lewis but I think it would work seamlessly in an Autumnal design. Again the colours are just perfect for autumn and with this piece you get the same feeling of added extra with the wonderful design. The downside is that as part of a Halloween range they didn’t make too many, if you want to get your hands on one then there is no time to waste!

If they don’t quite cut it then why not look into bringing autumn leaves into your home? No, not the real kind covered in creepy crawlies. The imitation kind that is available to purchase online from a well known auction site!

It’s possible for you to pick up individual imitation autumn leaves; however, this maple bush decoration is much easier to integrate into your interior design, couple this with a nice vase to polish off your autumnal touches.

Pumpkins & Gourds

Halloween may have come and gone, but you should still be able to get hold of Pumpkins and gourds, particularly imitation ones that won’t begin rotting away! The colours scream autumn and bringing them into your home may just add a much needed focal point.