Blocked Drains – Trees Sometimes Become the Root Of The Problem

Finding roots of trees inside sewer pipes in old houses is quite normal. We tend to renovate and replace most things of our homes, but not the drain pipes. In due course, roots of nearby trees make your drains their home. How do they find the way into this home?

• The drain pipe is quite old and made of clay, cast iron or asphalt leaving pores through which water seeps out.
• The root made its way inside through some crack in the joints of PVC pipes.

Tree Roots and Plumbing Pipes

Tree Roots and Plumbing Pipes

Clogged pipes behave strange, emit water noises often, and also return back the drained water to flood your toilet or kitchen sink or floor. With modern PVC sewer pipe lines, this problem is actually very rare.

Why Roots Grow In Drain Pipes

Tree roots look for sources of highest nutrition. In the process when they find the drain water to be carrying the right nutrition and of course lots of water to absorb. This is a common phenomenon, and whenever tree roots find a pipe underground with pin hole leaks through cracks, weak joints etc, they sneak in and gradually take over.

What to Do When You Suspect Roots In the Drain Pipes

When you believe that your drain pipes are also penetrated by roots, and are partially or fully blocked, then you should call a sewer cleaning service to come and inspect the extent of the problem. The initial manifestation of the problem will be clogging of the pipe, reversal of drained water, foul odor, strange noise of water inside, etc.

Sewer Cleaning Service

Sewer Cleaning Service

A good sewer cleaning service will send trained men, technicians and plumbers to your house to find out what is causing the blockage in pipe. Experts send in cameras through pipes to find out what the real problem is. Sometimes the pipe may be broken or cracked inside and sometimes there may be other clogs. If a tree root is found to be the reason, then there are a lot of remedies for the problem which the experts will advise.

How the Sewer Cleaner May Offer Help

Whether to clean a drain pipe obstructed by a tree root, or to completely stop using that line, and demolish it to install new lines, depends on the condition of the pipes, the extent of damage etc.

If the pipe is crushed inside, totally obstructed, and is too old to be revived back to full function even after removal of the roots, then the better option would be to install completely new pipelines. Though this will be expensive, but it will be a permanent solution that would keep your trouble free for a long time to come. For such cases plastic pipes would be the best. The plumbers will dig up to remove the old lines and replace them with the new plastic pipes.

Tree Root in Drain Pipe

Tree Root in Drain Pipe

Poisoning the tree root, to kill only that local part of the root that has grown towards the drain, without affecting the tree, and clearing up the obstruction, is also a bright idea in case the condition of the pipeline is good enough to serve you more years. In that case, the poison will leave a long term effect to bar the growth of more roots in the immediate future. Certain non-toxic chemicals can be left in the mud that discourages tree roots from advancing further towards the drain.

Clearing off the root and sealing the damage or crack by an internal plastic sealant, so that the drain pipes may last more years is also a nice idea and many people prefer this solution too.