Blinds, Shades and Shutters: How to Choose What Is Best For Your Home

Have you ever walked into a strikingly beautiful home and wondered what made it stand apart from other homes? The difference between a nice home and an elegant home is often in the quality of the window coverings. In addition to adding beauty and style to your home, the right window treatments can save you money by reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. The right rollers, blinds, and window shades can add style, privacy, and value to your home for years to come. It is important to consider your personal objectives when choosing which window covering is right for your home.

A roller shade is a very simple covering that is often the most economical choice. The shade is cut to fit the inside of the window and may be cut from a variety of colours and fabrics. Roller shades may also be room darkening to block out light for better sleeping. They may be used to filter sunlight to help protect valuable furnishings and fabrics from fading caused by the harsh glare of the sun. Roller shades can also reduce heat conduction during summer months, and protect your interior from damaging ultraviolet rays. A roll shade comprised of non-permeable material can be an especially efficient way to save energy costs.

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Window blinds are also an economical choice. Window blind slats come in vertical or horizontal varieties. Blinds are more cost effective in terms of reducing summer heat gain than they are at reducing heat loss during cold winter months. Because blinds have horizontal or vertical openings, you can control how much light comes into the room by adjusting the tilt or opening of the blinds. Blinds offer flexibility by allowing you to decide how much sunlight to allow into the room. They can also save you money. When blinds are completely closed, highly reflective material can reduce heat gain by around 45%.

One of the most stylish ways to add value to your home is to install plantation shutters. Typically, plantation shutters are measured for installation inside the window. Wide-slats, often made of wood or vinyl, add charm and character to any room. While plantation shutters are most often selected for their aesthetic appeal, they are also energy-efficient. Similar to blinds and rollers, shutters also create another temperature barrier, and block the transfer of heat through air movement. Shutters create another air barrier between outside temperatures and the inside of your room to effectively insulate your home.

After you consider your design objectives, it is important to have your window treatments installed professionally. If energy efficiency is your goal, installing coverings of the right size and material can make a substantial impact on your bottom line. A secure fit and the right installation measurements will help ensure that your window treatments block the sun rays in the summer and retain your heat in the winter. If you want a custom look and feel, a professional installer from a well-respected company will help you select fabrics, materials and treatments that will complement both the interior and exterior of your home for years to come.