Benefits of a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Life gets busier and busier every day. To cope with it, we hire professional service providers to take care of the jobs we would usually do in our free time. House cleaning, gardening, plumbing; these are usually at the top of everyone’s list. But most people neglect one important part of the house – the carpet.

Vacuuming alone will not completely rid the carpet of its contaminants. Only 60% of the dirt and debris trapped in the carpet fibres base are accounted for, while 40% of these pollutants clog the carpet. Carpet cleaning services for your Adelaide home is the best way to help you maintain your carpet’s cleanliness and health.

Home Carpet Cleaning

Home Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming is not enough

A carpet can act as an air filter and can trap dirt and other pollutants that come in the house. It can effectively reduce airborne allergens and help make a better home for your family. But like all filters, it needs to be kept clean to be more efficient. Carpets should be vacuumed twice per week with a vacuum cleaner that is equipped with a HEPA filter, and it should be professionally cleaned annually. Carpet cleaning experts use industrial strength vacuum cleaners so that dry dirt is effectively removed before treating the carpet.

Spot and Stain Treatment

Wine spills, urine spots, or coffee stains are some of the most difficult to get rid of from our carpet. Strong stain removers tend to bleach the carpet, so it’s best not to use just any kind of stain remover. Carpet experts have cleaning solutions that will not only remove the stains and spills safely, but can also protect your carpet by preventing these spills from adhering to the carpet fibre. These solutions can also effectively eliminate and prevent bacteria growth.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Grooming

There are carpet cleaning professionals who prefer dry cleaning than steam cleaning. The reason behind this is because steam cleaning often leaves the carpet wet for days, and this will give mould and dust mites an environment to live in. A cleaning technician should always pre-vacuum the carpet, a step that is often missed by steam cleaners. This leads to dirt turning into mud, which will be more difficult to remove.

Dry cleaning on the other hand will always start with pre-vacuuming the carpet with an industrial strength vacuum cleaner. Then a dry cleaning solution will be used to pre-treat the carpet, these solutions are used exclusively by professional carpet cleaners. This process only uses up to 90% less water, and carpet are left walk-on dry which will prevent the carpet from smelling and mould growing.

Professional Carpet Cleaner

Professional Carpet Cleaner

Customer Guarantee

Always research your service provider. The best professional carpet cleaners will offer a warranty so that if you’re dissatisfied with the results, they will happily re-clean your carpet until it’s up to your standards. Because carpets are a vital part of the house not just because of its aesthetic factor but also because they help clean the air at home, your professional cleaner should be of repute and should be endorsed by trusted health organization. For instance, in Australia if you want to know companies who offer services that cater to asthma sufferers, check out the list of approved by the National Asthma Council.

It’s true that you can always just try out home remedies and clean your carpet on your own. However, if you want to make sure that your carpet is clean and healthy for you and your family, a professional carpet cleaning service is the best way to go. Don’t wait for your carpet to get clogged up with dirt and harmful contaminants. Call a carpet cleaning expert and keep your family healthy.

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