Bamboo Sheets: Have You Been Missing Out?

I’m sure you’ve noticed recently that all of a sudden you can buy almost anything that is made of bamboo. You can buy bamboo sheets, bamboo bikes, bamboo water bottles, bamboo shirts, bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo blankets, and about a million other bamboo products.

Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo Furniture

But why has bamboo suddenly become so popular?

Well, first of all, because it’s green. Bamboo is among the most renewable resources in the world (more on that below).

Also, because bamboo is exotic. Bamboo mostly grows in wet, tropical places. Places where people want to vacation. Some cuisines even use bamboo in some of their dishes, adding to the plant’s exotic allure.

So, which bamboo products have you been missing out on? Bamboo sheets are a growing trend that is bound to explode in popularity sooner than later. Most people just haven’t heard of them yet. So, why are they the next big thing?

Bamboo Bondi Sheet Set

Bamboo Bondi Sheet Set

Bamboo Sheets Are Soft

Bamboo sheets are soft because the bamboo fibers used to make them undergo a process that makes them similar to rayon, a fabric known for its softness. Because of this, bamboo sheets with a thread count of 300 are softer than 1,000-thread count cotton sheets!

Bamboo sheets are similar in feel to silk, just without the rough underside that is common in silk fabrics.

Bamboo Sheets Regulate Temperature Better

I’m sure we all know someone or struggle ourselves with either feeling too hot or too cold at night. This problem is compounded when you have a spouse that has the opposite problem of you: i.e. you feel cold at night, he/she feels hot at night, or vice versa.

Outdoor Bamboo Furniture

Outdoor Bamboo Furniture

Well, there is finally a solution to these problems. You guessed it: bamboo sheets. No one is quite sure of the science behind it, but because of the nature of bamboo sheets, those who tend to feel hot at night feel cooler when they use bamboo sheets instead of other sheets. Similarly, those who tend to feel cold at night feel warmer when they use bamboo sheets. And, miraculously, partners/spouses that feel the opposite of their partner (either hotter or colder) that share a bed both tend to feel more satisfied when they use bamboo sheets.

Bamboo Sheets Are Eco-Friendly

The process used to make bamboo sheets isn’t really any more eco-friendly than the process used to make other kinds of sheets. However, the material used to make them, bamboo, is.

Bamboo is eco-friendly for these main reasons:

• It doesn’t require any irrigation (when grown in its natural habitat)

• It grows quickly (making it a highly renewable resource)

Bamboo Cloths

Bamboo Cloths

• It produces lots of oxygen (giving it a negative carbon footprint!)

• It reduces soil erosion and runoff (thanks to its root system)

These qualities are in steep contrast to cotton and other crops used to make textiles. For more information on that, read here.


Bamboo sheets really are the next big thing. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they’re also softer and regulate temperature better than almost any other sheets.