Awesome Tips For Installing a Bathroom That Stays Clean

It’s so easy to notice when a bathroom is starting to go downhill. Perhaps it’s because they’re often white, but they seem to deteriorate faster than any other room. They do have to do a lot of work in order to keep functioning around all that water. When you’re looking for a new home, a bathroom that’s starting to unravel can really put you off. Peeling sealant around the shower, mould growing in places where the sealant is hanging on, and crumbling grouting are all disgusting. So how do you make sure that your bathroom will last for longer?

Installing Tile in Bathroom

Installing Tile in Bathroom

Seal Everything and Seal it Well

When you install your bathroom, use silicone sealant around everything that you can seal. That includes screw holes when you’re fixing things in and around your fixtures and fittings. Use a good, durable sealant that will lock out moisture completely. If water can get under the sealant, it will begin to fester and produce mould and dirt, leaving you with horrible black seals around your bath and shower.

Don’t Use Grouting

If you hate scrubbing down the grouting, use materials that don’t require you to use it. Instead of using lots of tiling, use solid surfaces like big stone slabs. There are lots of wall coverings that can be easily wiped down, including vinyl coverings that you can clean with a sponge.

Bathroom Decoration Ides

Bathroom Decoration Ides

Don’t Use Glass

Glass can be a pain to clean too, so configure your bathroom as a wet room and cut out glass entirely. Instead of a glass shower door or cubicle, position the shower in a corner, so it’s out of sight of the rest of the bathroom. Frameless shower screens are great too because the frames usually attract dirt and grime. You can use a water repellent coating to help keep doors and screens clean.

Raise Your Bathroom Suite

One of the places dirt builds up most in the bathroom is hard to reach places around the floor. It’s difficult to get into small spaces behind and around the sink and toilet. Mounting everything on the wall or creating smoother lines cuts out those nooks and crannies that are impossible to get into.

Neat and Spacious Bathroom Ideas

Neat and Spacious Bathroom Ideas

Keep Condensation Down

The heat and humidity of your baths and showers are perfect for fostering mould and mildew. Keeping condensation down will help to reduce the chance of these things building up. Make sure you have an extractor fan installed, available from suppliers such as Bathshop321.

Clean Little and Often

Once you have installed your bathroom, you need to keep it clean, even if you’ve taken precautions to stop it getting so dirty. No one likes cleaning the bathroom, but it won’t stay clean if you just leave it alone. Cleaning the bathroom doesn’t have to a huge chore. In fact, you can stay on top of your bathroom cleaning with just a few minutes a day. Many people would much prefer this to spending an hour or more scrubbing away once a week. Doing a few simple things everyday will prevent dirt and bacteria from building up.