AutokitchenPRO: CAD Kitchen Design Software Review

As a freelance creative designer I rely on technology to provide clients with a detailed blueprint before work commences. Finding decent software can be just as challenging as the job itself, and unfortunately, the majority of programs simply aren’t equipped to meet the ever changing demands of the industry. Most uneducated people assume that creating a quality kitchen design is just as easy as building a house on The Sims, and fail to realise that everything from the textures and finishes to the rendering process places a significant impact on the final result. It can be a difficult job, and without the right software, nearly impossible to secure clients.

While I haven’t been using auto kitchen PRO for a long time, it’s already changing the way in which I tackle the design process.

A modern traditional kitchen designed with autokitchenPRO

A modern traditional kitchen designed with autokitchenPRO

Design Tools 8/10

The impressive library of appliances, accessories, paints, grains, laminates and tiles, etc., leave no stone unturned. Even the cabinets can be modified to create bespoke designs that are 100% unique. The only real downside is the functionality of the software. While it has a logical layout, due to the sheer abundance of design elements, they’re not always easy to find within the catalogue of data. To put everything into perspective, there are over 4,200 separate cabinet combinations and each one can be modified in 50 different ways.

CAD Design Technology9/10

AutokitchenPRO uses the AutoCAD® OEM engine and the software has been in development for 25 years. Files are exported in the .DWG format, which allows users to important drawn plans by architects and speed up the design process. While this is a standard feature in today’s design and architectural world, the processing speeds and simplicity make autokitchenPRO shine over the competition.

Fantastic Neutral Kitchen Design

Fantastic Neutral Kitchen Design

Affordability 7/10

As a premium design program autokitchenPRO is reasonably priced. Companies and professional working designers will have no problem covering the fees; however, it might be a little too pricey for entry-level designers looking for their break in the business. In addition to the software, it requires a computer with a minimum of 8GB of ram, a NVida (or equivalent) video card with 2GB of dedicated memory, and an i5 or i7 processor. These hardware specifications are substantial; therefore, purchasing a computer purely for the purpose of running the software will certainly come at a price.

Training 10/10

This is without a doubt one of the standout features of autokitchenPRO. Included with the software is six hours of online training. Since the program is created for professionals this is a necessity; however, undergoing the training will leave users in a position to start working for paying clients immediately.

Sharp Green Kitchen Interior Design

Sharp Green Kitchen Interior Design

Final Result 9/10

The primary difference between autokitchenPRO and other consumer-based programs is that it’s specifically created for creative designers. While this can make it more difficult to initially learn, it provides a greater level of flexibility. In addition, the final result adds that extra layer of professionalism when pitching to prospective clients. With high-definition images and near photo-realism it could also be the perfect tool for would-be designers to start building their portfolio.

Overall Score 9/10

I’ve literally come across hundreds of programs throughout my career, but very few make the grade. On that rare occasion, however, I find something that literally changes everything; from the way I visualise a room to the amount of time I spend creating the concept. AutokitchenPro is one of these rare hidden gems. My only real quibble is that I wish I found it sooner!