Are You Thinking Of Getting A Sliding Door? Know Everything About Them

Sliding doors have caught the attention of several interior designers and home decorators from past few years. They are more in use today not only for the reason that it looks trendy, but it is far more convenient when compared to our traditional hinged doors. Sliding doors open horizontally and are fixed on tracks.

In some cases, home floor plans just need to install sliding doors and not normal hinged doors. This is the reason that nowadays sliding doors come in a variety of options. Keep reading to know your options, when you are out to pick one for yourself.

Types of sliding doors:

There are a variety of designs and colours available when we talk about sliding doors or as called in Estonian. However, the options that we are going to discuss here are not based on those attributes, but there is more to consider.

Pocket Sliding Doors

Pocket Sliding Doors

Pocket sliding doors:

Pocket doors are very neat and clean as far as the design is concerned. They run through the tracks and slide into the specific space or the compartment designed in the wall for it. Thus, when the door is open you don’t really see one. These are used on a big scale for areas where hinged door does not prove to be space efficient or when the user wishes to have a cleaner look.


More commonly known as patio doors, arcadia sliding doors usually come in glass with one side stationary and another side moving. The side of the door on the track opens and slides on the stationary door. Definitely this one occupies more space then the pocket one, but is preferred for use in offices and cabinets.


These doors are specifically designed and used in closets. Move on tracks, of course, and are designed in such a way that it opens up to full width of the frame.

Sliding Main Door

Sliding Main Door


These doors are influenced by the Asian designs. Made either of wood or translucent paper, it is used over centuries by the Japanese.


These are similar to the hinged French doors. They have multiple panes of glass and are designed to work on tracks now.

Louvered or shuttered:

These are typically used in pantries, utility rooms or to cover storage closets. They look like shutters and have two doors both sliding inward from the centre point.

Mirrored doors:

This is again a type of sliding door, which is prominently used for closets. Well, they also fit in the pocket and bypass type of sliding doors. Using these doors in the closet of your bedroom will not only give your room a larger feel, but will save you from the hassle of assigning a specific space to dressing mirror.

Ethnic Home Design with Large Sliding Door

Ethnic Home Design with Large Sliding Door

Today, sliding doors are used almost everywhere. After all, the interiors of today are all about saving the place and adjusting stuffs in the minimum area. Right from the bathrooms to the offices and utility rooms, you will easily find sliding doors of different types installed. Available in both, single and double door, they are used for creating the perfect architectural effect at home.

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