Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

There are two types of air conditioning systems around the world – residential and commercial ones. The repair and installation works are done differently. In this article, a brief description is presented. Please note that the information provided in this article is for general reference and not professional guidelines. From many online sources, you can find related information. You are welcome to browse any website to check it out.

Install An Air Conditioning System

Install An Air Conditioning System

Residential Air Conditioning

To repair a residential air conditioning system, pay attention to these parts: evaporator (for receiving the liquid refrigerant), condenser (for facilitating heat transfer), expansion valve (for regulating refrigerant flow to the evaporator), and compressor (which is a pump to pressurize refrigerant). Just one of these parts is out of order means your air conditioner is not working properly. To fix it, you may consider a DIY approach or seek help from a service provider with a fee to be paid. When your air conditioner is not working properly, first check the filter. If it is full of dust, it will hinder the performance of the device. Wash away the dust which blocks the air flow and your air conditioner will work well again. Of course, if any one of the other parts is broken, it depends on how much knowledge and experience you have before you decide to do a DIY way or call a service provider for help.

To install a residential air conditioner, the usual steps are as follows.

1. Measure the dimension of the air conditioner and prepare the window with a frame to hold the device.
2. Skillfully insert the device into the window and mount properly.

3. Install the filters and the front part.
4. Connect to power.
5. Do a quick testing for 30 minutes to make sure it works well.

Repair An Air Conditioning System

Repair An Air Conditioning System

Commercial Air Conditioning

The core parts of a commercial air conditioner are somehow similar to that of a residential one with the main differences in the scale and design of installation. Condenser and evaporator are two important parts. Here are some hints of repairing the parts of the device. Professional service people will check all parts to see what’s wrong within it. Then they will start with some easy fixes such as the filter, coils or fuse. For the more complicated parts such as condenser and evaporator, it depends on what the problem is and they will decide if these parts have to be fixed or replaced. A final testing will be carried out to ensure the device is fixed completely.

To install a commercial air conditioner, service representatives will come and do their job. Unlike residential air conditioners, commercial ones usually come in a modular approach, which is a split type with several components. The normal place for installing a commercial air conditioner is on the rooftop of the building or house. Then pipes and some smaller parts are installed properly within the building.