Air Conditioning Problems: The Cues To A Functional AC

Air conditioning system is a must have in any modern home or office and/or even vehicles these days, and in this way it has become an integral appliance today. Just like any other home appliance maintaining AC has its own issues and timely repair is a must. Any leaking AC can burn a hole in your pocket by raising the electric bill to multiple folds and with time it may damage the appliance altogether. Proper AC maintenance is important as most AC failure cases happen due to mishandling of the appliance.

Few Common Air Conditioning Issues:

Usually air conditioning systems are sturdy and made with robust materials in order to ensure longer life. But one must follow the user manual while operating the machine.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

• Faulty Maintenance:

Most of the times, the AC functionality is reduced by improper usage of the machine. A user must understand that it is just another machine and there are ways to handle it, like making sure when the AC is on other air inlets/outlets are properly closed. One has to make sure that the machine is correctly installed in order to avoid future problems and in some time intervals regular servicing (even if it is functioning correctly) increases the life of this machine (just like we go for regular check-ups despite of being fit). Proper refrigerant charging during servicing is also crucial for the machine’s health.

• Coolant Issues:

Refrigerants or coolants are most important parts of any air conditioning system. Coolants like Freon are widely used by AC manufacturers for safe refrigeration. But this is a greenhouse gas, which can be extremely harmful for our atmosphere especially contributing to air pollution once a leakage is developed in the system. The gas may leak out and pollute the environment and so adding more of it to the AC is not at all a solution in this case. This is exactly why professionals must check the AC at regular intervals to detect leaks at budding stage. Qualified experts can easily detect small leaks and repair them easily to save the machine as well as the nature. There is no DIY route to this problem.

Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

• Untidy Venting Coils and Crooked Fins:

Cleaning is very important to ensure full functionality of air conditioning systems. Grit and dirt in and around the evaporating coils and other parts of the AC can impair proper heat transmission and interfere with the air-cooling systems. AC has fins attached to the condensers and evaporators. These fins must stay at correct shape. Often times these are bent and this may hamper the heat radiation slowing down the process. In both the cases, AC Experts can help detect the problem and can fix it.

• Impaired Power Control Circuit, Drainage Systems and Thermos Sensors:

machinelike any other machine, the air conditioning system and parts of it may wear out with time and regular usage. Most commonly the compressors wear out with frequent usages as electrical wires are corrosion prone. This is the reason why they must be kept under regular surveillance. The AC drainage system also wears out with time as the humidity outside keeps changing naturally with change of weather. Many times if the thermos sensor of AC is located near to the coil or somehow misplaced from its desired position it can wear out easily. Make sure that the sensor does not touch the coil but at the same time stays near enough. This way the sensor gets a longer life.

Air conditioning systems are used heavily during summers. This time the temperature and humidity outside fluctuates radically. The thermostat has to go through maximum work in order to keep up with the changes during this season. Hence, make sure it stays clean mould and dirt free and also fully functional.

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