Affordable Home Renovation Tips for the Year 2014

USA’s economy is getting better. Home sales have also registered a growth. There is an air of optimism in the air. Year 2014 has begun. It seems the time is ripe to start planning of home improvements for the year ahead.

I am writing this article while on a vacation to Tulum. I have a vacation home in Tulum. I spend a month or so every year. I have contemplating of selling of this home and investing it again in Zama Gardens by Aldea Zama. But I have figured out that before selling my home, I need to do some home renovation so that I can get a better deal. I am not a spendthrift so I have planned to make a big impression with only a limited budget and have prepared a game plan for it. Do you want to be a privy to my super-secret plan? Here is it:

1) Create a clear roadmap: Planning is the key to success in any endeavor. Home improvements also start with planning. Have a clear cut idea about what you want to do. Making a detailed plan on paper or computer will help you in have a clear picture. This will keep you on track later on and ensure you don’t waiver off your plan or overshoot your budget.

Home Renovation Tips

Home Renovation Tips

2) Search for alternatives: With latest technological advancements, home improvement has become very easy and cheap. We can get cheaper alternative for almost every material. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on wood, you can go for wood-composites or plastic wood which are cheaper, environmentally friendly and in many cases easier to work with. Do you find granite expensive then granite tiles are just perfect for you. The bottom line is that there are alternative available which look and feel similar and cost less.

3) Stay true to your plan: It’s very easy to stray off your plan and spend more than you had planned for. An intricate plan has all materials, fixtures and work done listed. If you change it midway then there will be wastage of money, labor and time.

4) Go for old: Many fixtures and materials can be reused. Second hand appliances, fixtures and materials can give you a sought after old-fashioned vintage look at a fraction of cost.

5) Clean the junk: Sometimes what a house needs is throwing out all that junk which is making your home look untidy. Clear out all that unnecessary furniture, books and showpieces which are hogging up the space without doing anything to enhance the look of your room.

6) Trim the lawn: Lawn is a part of your house. Why not mow those overgrown grass? Bushes, weed and untrimmed trees can give a home a rundown look. Planting some nice flowers and a bit of maintenance can transform a home in a jiffy. You lawn will be your neighbors envy and catch the attention of buyers. The best part is that it’s a low cost affair.