Acorn, As Easy As It Gets

Grandparents and other aged family members avoid the staircases. It is a common sight in every household. Members of the family who are injured or have permanent disabilities often keep to the confines of their own rooms in the house. They always have to think twice before going down or up the stairs to be with everybody else. Not only is it an uphill task but also may increase their injuries if they fall off. Installing a full-fledged lift in small modern day home is impossible. Fortunately Acorn straight stair lifts had arrived in the market way back in the 90s.

Acorn’s earlier footprints

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The outfit had started out as a small family venture, selling used stair lifts. Nevertheless they always made sure the used lifts were repaired and brought back to mint condition. This went on for several years before the demands hit an all time high. Repairing those old lifts for all these years had made them experts and they knew all the nitty-gritty that went on in a lift. With all the knowledge and booming market, it wasn’t long before they decided to make stair lifts that carried the Acorn name.

Then the market saw Superglide, which was a simple mechanized chair to take you up and down the regular staircase. The wave of Acorn straight stair lifts took over the market in an instant.

Other alternatives

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• Acorn also came up with a model for curved stairwells. This model allowed the user to turn the chair out of the way. Essentially made for narrow passage staircases, this model was a hit with many homes. It sported a lot of safety features as well.

• Many homes had huge gardens outside which had rocky steep steps. Acorn conquered that fear with the outdoor version. This model had all the same features as the curved and straight lifts. The all important added feature was that the seats and consoles were weather proofed, making them capable of enduring harsh climatic changes.

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People at Acorn have always made their products with the customers in mind. These lifts are tailor-made for the users. The customizable options also open up a world of choices, for the buyers. To make it clear, the stair lifts here do not cost a whole lot, but they are priced competitively. The installation of the lifts is a complex task, but the trained experts at Acorn do it in a jiffy.