A Step-by-step Guide to Pool Remodeling

The process of remodeling your swimming pool could indeed be considered to be a stressful and overwhelming one. This is because there would be so many different kinds of factors that you would need to think about. Your ultimate decision would be filled with layers of choices, not only about the product color or layout, but also about your budget and whom you would choose to conduct work on your project.

So, as a homeowner, you would need to overlook all these aspects in order to make sure that the end product would meet your expectations and requirements. Also, in order to make the work highly easier upon yourself, we have created a step by step guide to remodeling your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Considering a remodel

One of the first things that you would have to do is find a very solid and good reason about why you should remodel your swimming pool in the first place. There would be several reasons for that:

• You would like your backyard to look more spacious and attractive
• Your children are growing up and would need a bigger pool to relax and frolic around
• You would like to make the style of your swimming pool more current
• Your current swimming pool would not be functional for your lifestyle
• It is in high need of repair

So, in this case, you would need to find inspiration in the styles and designs of other homes. This would definitely bring you one step closer to envisioning what your dream pool would look like. Here, you would be able to research online, pore through home magazines and books in order to get yourself inspired. This would also give you the time to build a list of what you would like, along with pictures. This would allow you to get a better sense of which kind of professional would be the most suitable for your project.

Beautiful Swimming Pool

Beautiful Swimming Pool

Creating your budget

The next thing that you would need to do is create your budget. Even though many of the homeowners seem to be under the mistaken belief that they would make the budget as the work would progress, that would indeed be a very wrong approach. This is because the budget would need to be determined in advance so that you and your pool contractor would be well aware of how much could be spent. Based on that, the remodeling design would be drawn up and the materials also chosen accordingly. Also, some extra cash should be included in the budget in order to accommodate unexpected costs and expenses.

So, there would be numerous variables that would go in to determining the cost of your remodeling project. Some of these are as follows:

• Size and scope of your project – The cost of the project would vary depending on the size of your patio or backyard, the location, along with what kind of features and options that you would like to choose.

• Structural changes – Changing the structure of your pool would typically cost more as it would require additional engineering work and design.

• Product selection – Your choice in products would determine the cost of the pool remodeling project. This is because you would find that there would be many different levels of product quality as well as price ranges. So, if you would like to meet your overall goal, then you should talk it over with your contractor.

• Infrastructure and age – The condition and age of your pool would also need to be considered. This is because structural issues would most likely have a great impact on the cost.

• Quality and craftsmanship – Like all the other areas in life, you would get what you pay for. This means that custom workmanship and high-quality craftsman is bound to cost you more.

Modern Swimming Pool

Modern Swimming Pool

Understanding what kind of professional you would need

You would be surprised to find that there would be many different types of professionals who would be able to help you accomplish your goal of remodeling your pool. They would also come with variations of experience, specialties, certifications, education, quality of work, and knowledge about the industry.

It would be because of this reason that finding the right professional would be considered to be the most challenging part of the remodel process. Hence, in this case, it would be deemed best if you would find a contractor that tends to specialize in pool construction and remodeling. This is because they would have knowledge and experience of all the different kinds of pool designs, structures, and materials that seem to exist out there. Based on this, they would be able to recommend the best one for you.

Professional Pool Contractor

Professional Pool Contractor

Selection of the right professional

Once you have identified the kind of professional that you would like to hire, the next thing that you would have to do is hire one.

So, for finding a professional, word of mouth referrals tends to be the most effective one till date. Other guidelines that could help you to make the selection process easier and also make you better prepared to make an informed decision that would best suit your needs are as follows:

• Get local – Local remodelers would be compelled to perform quality work that would satisfy their customers in order for their business to survive. Hence, these could be checked through past references from customers located in your community or through official websites.

• Get compliant – When hiring a local pool remodeling contractor, you would be assured of the fact that they would know the local permit requirements and building codes.

Pool Remodeling Contractors

Pool Remodeling Contractors

Working with professionals

Communication would be regarded as the key for a remodeling project to be successful. Some tips that would help to ensure this are as follows:

• Before the work would begin, ask your remodeling contractor what inconveniences might occur while the project would be underway and hence plan accordingly.
• Be sure that your contractor would be well aware of special events or vacations so that the project could be planned accordingly.
• Make sure that your contractor would create a written change order if the project would be modified while work is being done.
• Keep a job file, including plans, contract, invoices, specifications, change orders, and all correspondence with the contractor.

Dream Swimming Pool

Dream Swimming Pool

Concluding your remodel

Now that you have gone through the entire process of remodeling, now would be the time to tie up loose ends. It would also be the time when you would be able to sit back and relax, knowing that everything has been done according to plan and you would finally be able to get your dream swimming pool.