8 Technical Ways for Improving Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

Cooling bills in summer can be a big reason for disturbing your monthly budget. This is the reason why centralized ACs is considered as a largest energy expense for a typical US home. With warm weather just like around the corner of the world, we have enlisted a list of easy and affordable methods for improving the air conditioning efficiency in your home and this will help you in lowering your electricity bills as well.

Here is a list of some tips which you can use for making your AC to work efficiently. The techniques given below are either low cost or are free of cost that will help you in lowering your electricity bills. However here are only eight best techniques that you can use but if you search there are many. But these tips will help you in keeping your air conditioning systems healthy and as the weather gets warmer; your homeowners will begin to turning on their AC units.

Airconditioner efficiency

Air Conditioner efficiency

1. Always keep your outdoor condenser unit clean:

Your outdoor unit will have to work harder if it is clean and clear but if the outer unit is clean and clear it will work more efficiently. So it is important for you to clean the outer condenser every month in order to keep your air conditioner active for the long run and stay longer. You can also call a professional after every 2 months or three to make sure that proper cleaning has been done.

2. Keep your indoor vents unblocked:

Try to keep your indoor vents vacuumed and unblocked. It is easy to keep dust and dirt away from your indoor supply and this will help you in maintaining the airflow of your air conditioner. Also keep it in mind that items like blind, furniture and toys should be kept away in order to prevent blocking of the vents.

Air Conditioning Indoor Cooling Coil

Air Conditioning Indoor Cooling Coil

3. Increase the temperature of the thermostat by a few degrees:

Generally people adjust the temperature by 5-8 degrees and this can help you a lot for saving money and energy. Making use of a programmable thermostat, you can automatically adjust the temperature for different times of the day and during those times you will be going away from your home for several hours.

4. Keep heating appliances away from the thermostat:

Yes, it is important to keep all the heat producing appliances away from the thermostat. Even if it is a table lamp, keep it away from the thermostat. If you keep heat producing appliances near the thermostat it will create more energy consumption causing the system to run longer and to work more than it works normally.

Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning Services

5. Keep curtains and blinds closed:

When you are using AC in your room, do not forget to keep your curtains and blinds closed. This will help you in keeping your room cool and will keep you cool as well. When there is direct sun to your windows you can keep things cool only by closing your curtains and windows. If you are not closing the windows and curtains the room will not get cool in lesser time but in fact the Air conditioner will have to work harder and this will ask for more electricity consumption.

6. Clear your drain line:

The indoor cooling coil which is generally mounted above the basement furnace drains, needs to be clean on a regular basis. If you can flush one cup of chlorine bleach up the drain of air conditioning and rinse it with a huge amount of water. You can keep it clear throughout the summer. Keeping your drain line clear will save your basement from taking on the water if your drain gets blocked.

Repair Furnace Air Conditioner

Repair Furnace Air Conditioner

7. Avoid using ovens or dryers:

Do not use your dryers and ovens during the hottest hours of the day. By running the dryer or microwave oven, it will cause warm air to be drawn into your home and if you use your oven this will add additional warm air to your home and this will make your air conditioner to work hard.

8. Insulate any exposed ductwork:

Make sure that your ductwork is running through an unconditional space which is properly sealed so that any of the conditioned air is not getting leaked. You can always fix a visual leak using some special duct sealing tape that is UL 181 rated but make sure that professionals also check for the ductwork during the next maintenance. Your ductwork also needs to be insulated by using the proper thickness duct material.

Professional AC Technician

Professional AC Technician

It is not necessary that you have to spend a lot of money for maintaining your centralized AC. You can always make it run efficiently by knowing each and every part of your AC. By keeping in mind the above said eight techniques are sufficient for keeping your Air conditioner in good working condition for years and with enhanced efficiency.

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