7 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for A Stunning Kitchen Design

Choosing the right kitchen backsplash, or splashback, can make or break a kitchen – it can provide a bright shock of color, or a subtle understated elegance. There are a variety of different materials that can be used, each giving your kitchen a totally different look. Below we are listing some of the most popular backsplash ideas for a kitchen and also some other interesting options for budget backsplash material.

Ceramic tile

Choose the right backsplash tiles for kitchen use, and you can create a design success, choose the wrong one and you can instantly date a newly installed kitchen. An almost endless selection of tiles will provide you with plenty of choices, and they can be a relatively inexpensive option to both buy and fix. This is probably the most frequently used backsplash material in kitchens.

Glass Tile Backsplash Kitchen Design

Glass Tile Backsplash Kitchen Design

Glass tile

Available in every color under the rainbow, and even more. Glass tiles look great in the kitchen, especially when directly lit with spotlights to offer a luxurious kitchen effect. Again, fairly easy to fix, but be warned – if you splash when you cook, you’ll be cleaning forever! The advantage though is that cleaning glass tiles is much easier than other types of materials.

Stainless steel

Giving your home the look of a professional kitchen, stainless steel splashbacks have become incredibly popular in recent years. Usually one sheet of steel for each run of kitchen units, they can be easy to install and relatively cheap to buy. Greasy and acidic foods can discolor the steel though, and after a few years you may begin to regret your choice. Stainless steel also gives an “industrial” and “minimalistic” look to a kitchen if you want to incorporate these design styles.

Glass Splashbacks Kitchen Design

Glass Splashbacks Kitchen Design

Glass/Acrylic sheet

Can create a stunning effect in a kitchen, giving the appearance of a single sheet of glass running the whole length of your work surface. Any food marks or splashes will stand out a mile, so you’ll be constantly wiping them down. The glass splashbacks can be tricky to install – you need to leave an expansion gap around every edge and when butting two sheets together, otherwise they could crack when they heat up.


If you’re constantly leaving notes, or writing down new recipes, then a magnet or blackboard style splashback could be for you. However, this type of material is not very popular and might not stand the test of time like ceramic for example. Also, you might have a hard time to find an installer for this.

Backsplash Ideas for Kitchen

Backsplash Ideas for Kitchen

Backsplash using Pennies

Yes, you’ve heard that right. We’ve seen some interesting kitchen designs with hundreds of real pennies used as backsplash covering material. Basically you just glue the pennies using super glue and then use polyurethane spray to protect the whole design. The pennies would be able to take anything thrown at them, and if one fell off it would be the cheapest thing in the world to replace.

Backsplash using Wine Bottle Corks

This is another interesting idea for creating a cheap backsplash for your kitchen. You can buy hundreds of wine corks for cheap. Just glue the corks on the wall and you are good to go.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our article and have gotten some inspiration for your own design project.