5 Significant Reasons to Opt for Metal Buildings

What do most, if not all, city skylines have in common? Besides the obvious breathtaking and photo-worthy views. Most of these iconic skylines all share the fact that they are composed of metal buildings. It really makes you think why these buildings are so highly coveted by companies, businesses, and organizations all over the world.

Metal Building Durability

Metal Building Durability

If your interest got the better of you then I’d be more than happy to share with you, significant reasons you should always opt for metal buildings.

1. The Durability Factor

The Grand Canyon was formed from millions of years of erosion by water and wind. As you know, that’s rock. It’s not toilet paper or something brittle. Rock is incredible strong and has been used in buildings for hundreds, if not thousands of years. But one thing is clear, rock can break down over time. The one great thing about metal is that its durability is unmatched.

Metal is a thing of beauty. Its properties make it incredibly consistent and easily predictable with time. That means over time with proper care and treatment a steel building can stand proudly without a risk of damage or corrosion, like rust.

Metal gives you such added strengths like: being mold and fire proof, completely insect-resistant, can withstand effects of hurricanes and earthquakes, and meal wont shrink or lose shape in its lifetime. This translates to metal building being much more durable in withstanding any condition mother nature can throw at it.

Metal Building Maintenance

Metal Building Maintenance

2. Easily Upgradable

Like many people before you and the many more that follow you, you might already have a metal building. It’s possible that if your business is doing quite well you may need more space. If you had another building type, such as concrete, the expansion process would be time consuming as well as costly. When it comes to metal buildings you have a great luxury of being able to upgrade very easily.

Steel, as most buildings are constructed with, is one of the easiest metals to upgrade. The buildings age, height, and width play no role in whether it can be modified.

You’re looking at low costs and minimal construction times to do such things as: removing walls, applying additional panels, and incorporating a new framework. When you choose steel, you never should worry about space again. You can always easily expand with metal buildings.

Metal Roof

Metal Roof

3. Money Saver

The value of money is important in everything we do. In the business world, the value of money is everything. So, when it comes to your building the cost plays a key role in how it is constructed.

Metal buildings have the advantage of being extremely cheaper to maintain and build. How so?

Simply because metal is incredibly strong. That’s it? Well…the strength of metal calls for less structural team members for a building project. Ultimately, having less workers mean you’re spending less on labor and construction costs. Not to mention, you’re able to receive energy efficiency tax credits if you build with steel. Further saving yourself some money.

If you think the saving are done think again!

Metal requires little maintenance over the course of its life. Resulting is less expensive costs down the road after construction; and because of metals’ durability it will last drastically longer than the other building options.

When comparing a metal roof with an asphalt roof system, a metal roofing system will give you saving of up to 50% on maintenance fees. Don’t forget about a metal building double coating and paint factor. It’s double coating and paint factor give metal building a service life of about 40 years! Can you get such assurance with any other form of building?

Commercial Metal Building

Commercial Metal Building

4. Sustainability

You want your building to be energy proficient and sustainable, especially as resources continue to be more and more scarce. With steel, you don’t have to worry about that. Steels sustainability and energy efficiency is one of the best in the world. Steel also barely gives off any waste from construction. That means its environmental friendly.

The benefit of steel is that it’s fully 100% recyclable. It can easily to melted back down and used again. Maybe in a new metal building? Wink, wink.

Up to 95% of steel contains some part of recycled steel. That alone should show you how versatile steel can be. Buck Steel is the only metal worth using for your building. I almost forgot to mention, if you choose to build with metal you can receive LEED credits, and who doesn’t love that?!

Metal building give you the gift of not having to replace them as frequently over time compared to: concrete, wood, and stone materials. If you select metal with Energy Star labels, you can even lower your building’s energy consumption gradually. Saving more money for you and your business.

Metal Building

Metal Building

5. Metal’s Diversity Ability

Metal is wonderful at being able to fit and accommodate plenty of different options of design. It can be fitted for several different panel sizes, different shapes and colors, finishes, substrates, and textures. Metal is also flexible. For steel, it remains the only material that can take a building already constructed and make it even stronger. Diverse enough for you?

Metal construction should always be chosen because it can always be fit to your exact needs. It can also be used to easily customize any finished spaces. When combining such material like rolled beams and lattice, you remove the need to have subdividing columns be places with the specific area. If you go to resell the building in the future, this becomes a great way to increase the price of the building.

Wood, stone, concrete are all good options for a building. However, it’s just not metal. Metal gives you so many added benefits that none of those other above can provide you. When you really think about it, it’s silly to choose anything but metal for your building. When it comes down for you to decide what material to build you building with don’t look to hard. These 5 reasons should convince you to always opt for a metal building.