5 Interior Designing Techniques to Make Your Smaller House Look More Spacious

Sometimes, poor constructional designs, imbalanced interior work and overloading of accessories, make a smaller house look even more congested and messy. Is your smaller house giving the same look? This is not something to worry about since it is not necessary that a house with a bigger area can give a spacious look; even the smaller houses can also maintain an expansive feel if you get them constructed and designed by well-known professionals.

Thanks to the latest technological developments which have provided us with many solutions out of impossible. Now, using the latest interior designing techniques and by hiring a top interior designer in Pakistan, you can make your house look considerably bigger than it actually is. Let us get into some technical tips.

Classic Interior Design Concepts

Classic Interior Design Concepts

1. Go for the Lighter Paint Colors

No doubt some of the dark color shades look too good on your walls but this is not the only reason you should opt for them. Instead, there is a need to consider several other technical aspects like – area of the space, its usage and exposure to natural light. For a smaller house, the light colors are best because by reflecting light, they make it look spacious. On the other hand, darker paint colors give the reverse results. You can use white, off-white, monochromatic schemes of greys, creams and yellows because these all are good in reflecting the light.

2. Create Ideal Built-ins to Save Space

If your house is loaded with too much items placed around, it would definitely look messy and smaller. Therefore, to maintain a spacious look you must focus on creating built-ins in the form of shelves, cupboards and other storage spaces. For instance, the underside of the stairs can be used to make pull-in drawers, shelves or a vanity with sink. This way, you can use this storage space to keep various items of your use.

Pretty Black Spacious Kitchen with Small Space

Pretty Black Spacious Kitchen with Small Space

3. Modern Furniture, Smart Placement

Use multi-functional light weight furniture like drop-leaf table, sofa-cum bed, a bed set with storage spaces underside. In the similar way, tables, chairs and cabinetry should be selected while keeping in view, the overall space of your house. The other important thing is the ideal placement of furniture, if well-organized, it can provide enough place to walk around.

4. Floor to Ceiling Long Shelves

From floor to ceiling, these kinds of shelves make your house look high and spacious. Here you can store, quilts, bed sheets, seasonal suits and much more. You can build these shelves in your living room, kitchen and even in the bedroom.

Spacious Living Room Interior Design

Spacious Living Room Interior Design

5. Windows

Let the natural light enter your smaller house because it would make it look more spacious. By hiring a professional, you can have multiple windows, constructed in an ideal way so that these could let the natural light in. Keep these windows uncovered or use a lighter sheet or curtain because it will not interrupt the light entering your house.

These are just a few tips; you can get to know about many other useful techniques of making a smaller house look spacious by consulting a professional interior designer in Pakistan.

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Nabeel Abbas is an experienced author, having more than 9 years of experience under his belt, is currently contributing as a senior author for Amir Adnan Associates.