5 Easy & Quick Ways to Clean Your House

I don’t think there are many people who can honestly say they enjoy cleaning their house. Sure, the occasional spring clean can be a fun exercise, every now and then, but keeping the home tidy every day is generally a painful chore.

It does not have to be, if you follow these 5 easy & quick ways to clean your house. The order in which you do them is important, so pay attention to that and do them daily so the burden does not become overwhelming.

House Cleaning

House Cleaning

1. Place All Clutter into Baskets Then Wipe Down Surfaces

Before you can clean, you have to tidy. Go through room by room and place any out of place or unnecessary items into a basket. Be ruthless and quick in order to remove all clutter leaving only the essentials and décor. When you have a gap later you can go through the baskets and sort the items.

Now that the area is clear, you can proceed to wipe the surfaces with ease. Use a wet cloth to gather and remove all the dust. Again, this is a quick operation, especially when done daily.

Part of this process includes dirty clothing and laundry. Pick it up, place it in the hamper and put the hamper out of sight. Nothing will ruin a clean look more than discarded laundry all over the place.

If you do not have a dishwasher, it is best to rinse and then wash dishes and pots immediately after use. If you have a family, rotate the chore so everyone gets a small share of the workload.

Home Cleaning by Using Vacuum Cleaner

Home Cleaning by Using Vacuum Cleaner

2. Sweep And/or Vacuum

The next step is to vacuum the carpets and sweep or mop other floors. This makes an instant and dramatic improvement to the cleanliness of the room. As you have cleared the room with the baskets, there are few obstacles in your way and the wiping you have done will prevent further mess falling onto the freshly cleaned floors.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are now a reality and will make this task even easier. For ideas on how this works see the full article here.

3. Empty All Trash Cans

A sure-fire way to ruin the appearance of an otherwise clean home is overflowing trash cans. Empty all trash can throughout the house into the main one and ensure this is done regularly. Not only will this make the house look clean, it will prevent any bad odours from the dirty trash cans.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

4. Fluff the Pillows and Make the Beds

A super effective way to make the living room look neater and tidier is a few seconds of fluffing out all the pillows and cushions. It instantly looks as if you have made an effort in the room.

Now, make the beds. Your house will never look clean with unmade beds. Let face it, with modern duvets and throws this is nowhere near the chore it used to be. Smooth the covers down and fluff the pillows and it will look great.

Fridge Cleaning

Fridge Cleaning

5. Clear the Fridge Door

If left unchecked, fridge doors quickly accumulate a vast amount of clutter and mess. Most of it is out of date and irrelevant. Select a few neat items that are important and remove all others. Check it daily as things have a habit of appearing on the fridge door out of nowhere. While you are at it, scan the inside of the fridge daily for anything that is getting old or stale and get rid of it immediately.

Work out how long all of those tasks will take and I am sure you will agree that following this routine will not take long at all. The key, as I said earlier, is to do them every day so the work does not accumulate and become too much to handle.

Once that is done, you can relax and enjoy yourself without having to rush around in a panic when you hear the doorbell.