5 Common AC Installation Mistakes That You Should Always Avoid

Summer months are coming and it is the time that you install the AC in your home. If you are among the one who has just bought a new AC in your home or in your office and you are thinking how to install it, then it is the best time that you contact the AC installation professional. Right from choosing the perfect bracket for the installation, to having the ventilation ducts in place, you need to hire some air conditioner installation professional. They are trained and they know how to install different air conditioner unites in the right place. It is better that you avoid some of the mistakes when you are installing the air conditioner at your home.

AC Installation

AC Installation

Mistakes Which Must Be Avoided During Air Conditioner Installation:

Here are some of the mistakes that are often done during the air conditioner installation and it is better that you avoid all these mistakes-

#1. Incorrect size of the AC machine: One of the most common mistakes that are done by the buyers is selecting the wrong size of the AC machine. The AC unit can be too big or too small. So, when you are buying the AC, it is better that you know the actual size that you require in your home or at your office. You can take help of the professionals who will help you or guide you in choosing the best size AC unit that will provide the best amount of cool air in your home. Air conditioners are mostly divided as per their capacity, and you need to choose the best capacity air conditioner according to your room size. For example, you can install some large ducted centralised air conditioner in your office lobby and you can install some small split air conditioner in your bedroom.

#2. Wrong Wiring: While air conditioner installation, most of the times we face the problem of wrong wiring. If the installation professional is not having well experience in the field, he can do the weak wiring work that can be risky at times and it can creating faulty connections. Be sure that the wiring is done in the right manner.

AC Installation Professional

AC Installation Professional

#3. Lack of insulation in the suction line: Most of the times, there is a lack of insulation in the suction line that creates lots of problems. It is thus very important to check the insulation whoever comes in your home for the installation of the AC. Due to poor insulation the efficiency level of the air conditioner goes down. So, when you are installing the AC, be sure that the suction line is well insulated.

#4. There are plenty of right angles with suction line: If there are right angles in the suction line, then it can lead to the resistance that is close to 60 ft. In such situations, the AC unit has to work harder to get the right levels of cooling. So, it is better that you hire the professional for the perfect air conditioner installation. They know the guidelines of different air conditioner company and they can easily install your air conditioner within few hours only.

#5. Less space between the wall and the AC Unit: When you are placing the AC unit against the wall, the most important thing that you should is to keep a good hap between the wall and the AC unit. Most of the times, people neglect the space, it is quite harmful for the cooling machine. During the air conditioner installation, be sure that the professional is leaving a certain amount of space between the wall and the machine.

So now hire some air conditioner installation services and avoid such mistakes during your AC installation.

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