5 Bedroom Decorating Disasters You Need To Avoid

Some people mess up when it comes to redecorating their bedroom, so I’ve talked about some of the main things they must avoid doing.

If you could spend all your time in one room would you choose your bedroom? A lot of people have no choice where they’re younger because they live in a studio apartment or a dorm room. During those difficult years they might hate the size of their room, but at least they know how to decorate it properly. Things change when they have a huge house and their bedroom becomes an afterthought, so I’ve talked about a few things they should avoid when redecorating.

Bedroom Decorating 02

Don’t paint right away

The next time you decide to decorate your bedroom you should paint it last. I know you might not like that idea because it’s harder to paint around furniture, but you’ll be glad you did when you enjoy your bedroom a lot more. Once you’ve decided what paint to use it’s very hard to choose furniture that matches it. You’ll find it much easier to find the right paint after your bedroom has been kitted out with everything you need. It’s well worth waiting even if you’re scared of spilling a little paint on something.

Always go with comfort

Everyone wants a beautiful bed to sleep on, but comfort always has to come first. You will be a lot more comfortable if you choose the biggest bed available because it will give you more room to stretch out. If you sit up in bed you’ll need one with a comfortable head rest you can lean back on, which means one made from metal poles is a bad idea. The most important thing you need to take into consideration is the mattress you use because you’ll need one that lets you have the best night’s sleep.

Bedroom Decorating 03

Replace the old with the new

You will eventually get bored of certain things inside your room, so you’ll jump in the car and drive to the store to treat yourself to something new. Just make sure there is a space for it in your bedroom when you get home. That means when you buy something new you should throw out your old furniture. Don’t be one of those people who let everything pile up because it will get to the stage where you don’t have any room to move around in your own bedroom.

Size definitely matters

When it comes to bedroom furniture size definitely matters and you need to take it into account when you buy anything. If the furniture you buy is too small it will look out of place, whereas buying something too big will mean you’re left with a lot less space. Ideally you want something that looks good when it’s thrown in with everything else in the room. It might be too late now, but keep it in mind when you’re looking to buy new furniture.

Bedroom Decorating 01

Choose the right accessories

You might be too old to keep stuffed toys in your room, but at least children have the right idea when it comes to accessories. If you use them correctly you can make your room look more attractive. A good example of a stylish accessory is fancy artwork. If you have any at home you could maybe hang some in your room. You will want to look at yourself when you’re getting changed so a fancy mirror will come in handy, or you might want to sleep in custom bed linen. If you want to add more accessories to you walls you can hang a few shelves.

Add a personal touch

Do you ever get that icky feeling when you’re sleeping at a hotel because you don’t feel at home there? You might get that feeling a little if you feel like a stranger in your own bedroom. Don’t just decorate your bedroom in a certain way because it looks pretty. You need to add your own personal touch so you feel completely at home there. If you’re not already doing it at the moment I guarantee you’ll feel a lot better when you’re done.

Bedroom Decorating 04

Your bedroom is small

Unless you live in a mansion your bedroom won’t be huge, so I don’t think you’ll struggle to make it look nice if you try your hardest. Just remember the tips we’ve spoken about today and you’ll find it easy to avoid any disasters. Do something about it sooner rather than later because you’ll end up doing nothing.