4 Uses For Garden Sheds

We call them garden sheds but the truth is that there are many uses for garden sheds that extend beyond soil and seeds. There are things that you can do with garden sheds that you may have never even considered, which gives new meaning to what we think of when we think of garden sheds.

The good news is that even though you aren’t using your shed to garden or hold gardening equipment you still have tons of styles, sizes and shapes of garden sheds open to you. These garden sheds can be purchased partially assembled or you can build one from scratch.

There are so many ways you can use garden sheds so put on your creative cap and prepare to have your mind blown!

Modern Outdoor Garden Shed

Modern Outdoor Garden Shed

Lawn Equipment

Of course one of the most traditional uses for garden sheds is to store lawn equipment. If you live in a place that has four seasons then you probably have a lot of items to store in your garden shed. Think about it: lawnmowers, shovels, rakes, hedge clippers and even water hoses. These things all need a place to sit when they are not in use, both to preserve the beauty of your yard but also to preserve the life of your lawn tools.

Hobby Room

If you’re not keen to build a large free standing structure complete with electricity and all that jazz, consider building a garden shed to act as your hobby room. You can build garden sheds with solar power so you can do your woodworking or painting even when the sun goes down. On the other hand you can also build large windows so that you always have enough light streaming in to see what you’re doing.

Garden sheds converted into hobby rooms provide a great and inexpensive way to enjoy your hobbies without sacrificing a guest room.

Modern Garden Shed

Modern Garden Shed

Camping Shed

Does your passion for being outside extend to camping? If so you’ll love this use for garden sheds: camping shed. If you have friends or family who love the great outdoors minus the outdoors part, then this shed is a great way to get out there without sleeping under the stars.

What’s more is that this is the perfect solution for camping with children. You can enjoy all the benefits of camping—ghost stories, campfire songs and s’mores—without the negative parts like bears and other outdoor critters. Find rustic garden shed designs and outfit the inside for camping.

Roadside Store

If you truly have a love of gardening then you probably have tons of surplus vegetables and fruits you don’t want to have to dump. If that’s the case you’ll love that garden sheds can also be used as a roadside store. If you’ve ever spent any time near farm land then you’ve probably seen those tiny roadside stores where you can buy strawberries, asparagus and any other seasonal items. That is exactly what you can have.

Take your ideas for garden sheds and turn them into a cute little roadside store that looks like a cottage or a log cabin.

Build Garden Shed

Build Garden Shed

Buy vs. Build

No matter how you decide to use your garden shed, you still have yet another important decision to make: do you buy a garden shed or build one to your specifications? There are pros and cons of both options but you’ll have to figure that part out for yourself.

If you buy a garden shed kit then you can save plenty of time since the kits require partial assembly. You can save time but you probably won’t save money since you are paying for the cost of materials and labor. But you can still get garden sheds in a variety of materials to fit the weather as well as your maintenance needs.

If you decide to build your own garden shed then you can build it exactly as you want it, as long as you have the shed plans to help. If you want a modern garden shed made of wood you can have it. You can build a country store that looks exactly like a small town country store! The choices are endless…as long as you’re willing to search for the shed plans to make your dreams come true.