4 Top Ways An Interior Designer Can Transform Your Home

Planning the layout of your home from furniture placement to the aesthetic is tough. You want everything to be just right but sometimes your design plans just don’t turn out the way you had hoped. Then again, maybe you have some rough ideas in your mind but no clue how to execute them.

Either way, a local interior designer can lend their expertise to ensure that your home looks top notch. Not convinced? Then check out the top 4 ways that an interior designer can transform your home included below!

Expert Interior Designer

Expert Interior Designer

1. Optimal Furniture Layout

Furniture placement is key to creating an ideal environment in your home. Depending on where you put your furniture, it has the potential to enhance and accent a space or make it feel closed and cluttered.

How this layout is organised will also differ depending on the size, shape and arrangement of rooms in your home. For instance, the ideal placement of furniture in a large living room will differ entirely from a living room in a loft or smaller home. In both cases, if your furniture is placed in the right places it can enhance your room creating a cosy yet, spacious atmosphere.

However, if you try to replicate the arrangement of furniture used in a large room, in a small room it will likely end up feeling cramped and uncomfortable.

Finding the right interior designer will mean they can help you arrange your furniture in the perfect way no matter what size your room is.

Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme

2. Create an Inspirational Colour Scheme

Like furniture layout, your colour scheme can also drastically influence the atmosphere of your room. The colours in your home can tuck you into bed at night, inspire you in the morning and relax you after work. The colour scheme of your walls can even contribute to the aesthetic of your home.

Considering that your colour scheme has such a large influence on your home it is important that is just right. That’s where an interior designer comes in.

Your interior designer can evaluate your home keeping in mind the aesthetic of your home and the purpose of the room, such as sleeping in a bedroom. They will then use these two aspects to pick an optimal colour scheme for your home that emulates your dream living space.

Lighting Design

Lighting Design

3. Brighten with The Best Lighting

Lighting also plays a huge role in the comfortability of your home. It is also something that largely depends on the particulars of your home. For example, a basement apartment will require different lighting than a penthouse loft. These will both then differ from the best lighting arrangement for a house.

Yet, no matter where you live you will want to ensure that your home is bright. Based on your home and the amount of natural light it receives, your interior designer will figure out the best location for lamps and overhead lighting. This will ensure that no matter where you are living and how much natural light your receive, that your home is beautifully illuminated.

Casual Storage Space

Casual Storage Space

4. Maximise Storage Space Casually

Storage space is essential in every home. It provides those nooks where we can place our most treasured possessions and hide those random essentials that you just can’t organise. Yet, at the same time that you want plenty of storage space, you don’t want your home to look like a storage unit.

Interior designers are experts at creating casual storage space. So, they can help you find the best places to put your treasures without covering your home in bins. Imagine polished and sleek bookshelves with wicker baskets in your living room. Then, imagine a work bench in your garage where you can actually find your tools. How about a bathroom which isn’t cluttered with toiletries?

Sounds pretty good right? Well, when you work with an interior designer it is all possible! They can show you how to stylishly hideaway and organise items which would otherwise be clutter.

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