4 DIY Decorations Using Christmas Lights

The warm twinkle of Christmas lights on a pine tree during winter gives the house a special glow that is not replicated in any other season. Or is it? While Christmas lights are synonymous with, well, Christmas, you can use them for myriad projects that will spruce up your house any time of year. Check out these ideas for using Christmas lights for year-round cheer.

Vanity Mirror Lights

Vanity Mirror Lights

Frame Your Vanity Mirror

Tired of too dim or too bright lighting on your vanity mirror? One of the best tricks when it comes to achieving perfect vanity mirror lighting is using Christmas lights to frame your mirror. Simply use small, clear hooks to secure the lights in place. If you don’t own a vanity, you can always use an old mirror found at a thrift or antique store, or just upgrade your favorite by wrapping Christmas lights around the outer frame, and then resting it on top of a desk. Or, if you’re going for a minimalistic feel, simply resting the mirror against a wall in your home will make it feel light and whimsy.

Give Your Kids Stars in Their Rooms

OK, so you wish you could give your kids the stars, but science hasn’t gotten there yet. For now, secure Christmas lights in a back-and-forth pattern across the hallway ceiling to their room. As a special twist, you could do this in one of the kid’s rooms to have a sleepover “under the stars,” but inside where there are less mosquitoes. Or, as a permanent installation, secure them above a canopy bed for a fairytale glow.

Wine Light

Wine Light

Make a Wine Light

Instead of throwing away your wine bottles, repurpose them by nesting Christmas lights inside. For a playful feel, use a clear bottle with multi-colored lights; for a more grownup feel, use a darker bottle with white lights. These wine bottle lights make the perfect centerpiece for the dining room table, or for adding some brightness to a kitchen. Either way, this idea is perfect year-round.

Create Wall Art

One of the easiest, yet most rewarding, DIYs involving Christmas lights is using them for glowing wall art. You will need a blank, white canvas; your favorite color paint; and painter’s tape. First, mark off places that you will want the lights to shine through. You can do so by taping off inspirational words like “dream,” or you can make an avant-garde design of your choosing. Next, paint the portions that you did not mark off with your tape. After the paint is dry, strip away the tape. Finally, find a place for it to hang on the wall and nestle Christmas lights in the back. You can find Christmas lights at local shops during the holidays, or you can promptly order lights from Christmas Lights Etc. online. You might want to use tape to secure them. Once hanging, the lights shining through will help create a wall-art centerpiece that’s both one-of-a-kind and unforgettable to visiting guests.

Christmas lights aren’t just for Christmas. In fact, using them for decor around the house any time of the year can give it a lovely glow. Try some of these DIYs to repurpose your lights, or imagine some of your own!