4 Benefits of Choosing Crane Trucks for Construction Sites

The crane is a lifting machine that usually works with the help of pulleys and cables. The major application of crane machine is in construction industry. The main task of crane trucks is to move materials, lower them or lift them. These trucks are predominantly used in construction industries for moving or dismantling heavy equipment and also for moving other materials. The main feature of crane is its lifting capability and stability. Cranes have reduced the burden of human otherwise it will be very difficult for human to carry all the loading, lifting and unloading work.

One can find many crane truck models with different specifications and models. One must specify his requirements before purchasing crane.

Now a day’s crane trucks are available in different sizes as well as different shapes. One should be very careful while choosing crane regarding its shape, size, weight and type of functions it can perform.

Truck Crane

Truck Crane

Here are 4 benefits of choosing crane trucks for your construction site:

1. Save on space – Even if your project is based in an urban area, you require just a small space in order to stabilize the crane trucks. Projects can be completed faster and work done quicker with the help of these trucks.

2. Saves time –Crane truck saves your time. As it can easily lift your load for a shorter period of time. You can begin the work in no time with the crane truck hoisting its boom, getting secure and driving them around.

3. Enhanced safety – Any worksite injury to workers is minimized as this crane works mostly automatically. This also helps reduce the overall cost of labor.

4. Strong lift capability – These cranes have the strength and capability to lift heavy load from tons to greater heights. They come with hydraulic system and multiple axles assuring sooth operation.

Buying a crane truck is a challenging process and you have to keep in mind a few important aspects. Firstly, you must determine the way you will be using the truck because there are different types of crane trucks for different tasks.

Some of the types of cranes available in the market include articulated, small mixed cranes, medium-sized cranes and large wall board, rear-mounted dedicated cranes, tower crane, crawler crane etc. Crane trucks are definitely a great asset for any construction company as they help increase profitability.

Important Aspects to consider before buying crane trucks

Before purchasing crane trucks, it is imperative to keep in mind a few essential aspects.

Determine the load to be lifted: Firstly determines the number of loads to be lifted per week, per shift, per day or per hour. Other aspects to consider include the average load weight to be lifted, maximum lifting capacity needed, travel distances and required speed.

Crane Truck

Crane Truck

Differentiate between the capabilities: One must learn about the differences in crane classifications as this will give you an insight into service classifications and lifting capabilities. There are different types of cranes performing different functions like tower crane, vehicle mounted crane, rough terrain crane, aerial cranes etc. Further, this will help you choose the exact type of crane suited to your needs. For instance, based on your specific requirements, you can choose the gantry crane, double or single girder crane, top running bridge crane, under running bridge crane, work station crane or jib crane.

Structural components: It is important to consider structural components variations that can have an impact on cost, maintenance and weight of the crane.

Budget: Budget is a major consideration. As you buy crane trucks, make sure they come with mechanical components that are suitable for your applications and are within your budget. Gather valuable information on various other aspects such as hoist attachment below the hook. Check if the electrical components such as the brakes, frame, rating and type of motor are exactly suited to your applications and service classification.

Hopefully you will get all the necessary information about choosing the best Crane Trucks for your construction site.

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